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FC.31.20210811.24 - Anniversary Week 4

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,700 Cryptic Developer
edited October 12 in PTS - The Archive
  • New Mission: Complete Mechanon Menace 5 times, rewards the Super Retro Dr. Destroyer Boots.
  • Added Super Retro Dr. Destroyer Belt, Leg Armor and Gloves to the event store.
  • Added Retro Talisman hair to the event store.
  • Added various perks for completing retro costume sets.
  • Cyberpunk costumes will drop from the Foxbat Dance open mission this week.

  • Added an exchange store on Fixer to swap device versions of Super-Magnifier/Shrinker with the aura version. This is only for the Super versions of the Magnifiers, and does not include any exchange for Mega Magnifiers.

  • Updated the materials on Cyberpunk costumes.
  • Added Curly hair option.
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