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How many are here from the Beta and when it all started?

I played in the beta and played almost 7 hours a day back when this game first released. Some amazing times. I came back for a short period in 2014 but now just got back to playing some again. Still figuring out what is the best powers and such since I like the PvP part of the game. Haven’t been out of of the Powerhouse yet 🤣.


  • milliniumxmilliniumx Posts: 9 Arc User
    My name is CyForce in the game
  • o/
    Pion in-game.
  • milliniumxmilliniumx Posts: 9 Arc User
    > @piontest#9391 said:
    > o/
    > Pion in-game.

    Nice. Have you been here all the way through or came back
  • starguardsmanstarguardsman Posts: 21 Arc User
    @Sunturion in game. Been here since beta because that's what heroes do. ;)
  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 8,383 Arc User
    Whaddup, babe.
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  • jamesbonnelljamesbonnell Posts: 169 Arc User
    Not from beta but shortly after live.
  • omnius#0640 omnius Posts: 178 Arc User
    Same. I stopped around 2011 and just came back. Old account was long gone so I'm starting all over again. Which is probably a good thing because if I still had those old 40's I'd probably get bored too quickly
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  • warcanchwarcanch Posts: 956 Arc User
    edited September 2021
    I was here for when OPEN beta first opened. I purchased my LTS as soon as it was available on 8/27/2009.

    I also had one of the first round of Telstar Pong games. That should give you an idea of my age.​​

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  • renegade0renegade0 Posts: 80 Arc User
    I played the beta but didn't play after that until City of Heroes shut down. I remember the game being super frustrating and hard to play. I was hoping it would be just like City of Heroes with the instanced missions and teams. I still think that'd be much better system that what we have now. I think Alerts kind of prove that since most people just do that to level rather than random quests.

    It's a shame too because this game has a lot of good quests but no one does them. I found a questline the other day where I had to shrink down and kill robots inside people's body. In all these years, I had never seen that quest. I just found NPCs in the street catching on fire and dying and found a quest to help them lol. It's the east of City Hall in the MC map
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