Solo End Game Content.

As a new player, who recently leveled to 40 lvl, i dont understand - why there is almost no challenging/rewarding content for solo players? All what you can do is to farm those 3 cosmics per day, what gets boring very fast. All so called "group content" is pretty useless, you either:
1) stay in queue for a year (i still got ZERO rampages poped up, still dont even know what it is)
2) do those "alerts", where you demolish everything in no time and get nothing in return, because 3
3) most important: for ANY activity you get NOTHING in terms of end game rewards (zero GCR). There are so much different public events/open missions/dailies which are totally useless (no GCR rewards)
So why there is no daily/quest/instance/(or just anything what can be scaled to 1 person) where people can test their different builds/ATs/skills and (at the same time) have a progression for this character towards end game gear (get GCR and SCR)?
PS: Yeah i know there are so called "adventure packs", but they also give you only globals and crystals (i have tons of both), so there is no reason to even try them once.


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    Quliphotic Warzone. You can get some GCR solo.

    Not only that, GCR is the currency for doing endgame GROUP content. All those GCR costumes and gear are rewards for doing stuff that isn't soloable.

    Why would you care for GCR items anyway if you're not planning on anything group related?

    It's like driving a big, bad pickup truck for the just for the looks, and not using it to tow or haul anything except groceries.
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    Unity still exists, you should have gotten an invitation mail when you hit level 40.

    Unity used to be the primary source of SCR until the Cosmic revamp, after the revamp the only reason to do Unity missions is to slowly grind SCR solo.