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Game not fully down loading

The game is only down loading 5.12 GB of the game. I do a force verify and no more of the game down loaded just verified the 5 gb. Tried through Arc twice and steam once and same thing.


  • kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,699 Cryptic Developer
    Under options on the launcher, make sure on-demand patching is off.​​
  • havok69havok69 Posts: 5 Arc User
    Ok I'll give that a try thank you.
  • havok69havok69 Posts: 5 Arc User
    That got the game to 6.55 GB on arc. When I pres play screen goes black and cursor is in thinking mod and that's it. Got it to work on steam but would like it through arc like I do with star trek online. So any other suggestions would be great thank you.
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