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Let's be real for a moment! (Long Thread)

dianelladianella Posts: 32 Arc User
edited June 2021 in Suggestions Box
Firstly I would love to thank the GMs & Devs of this game, for all of the hard work they have done to keep it going for so long. I am a lifetime sub, and I feel as though it has paid for itself in the long run. I have made a huge variety of acquaintances and friends that I would hope continue to keep in contact with me.

However there is a clear sign that the active in-game population is on a massive decline. It's a problem that can be fixed with the right approach. Revamping the Archery powerset was a good start, but it wasn't enough to keep peoples attention for very long. Many people I communicate with are only playing for a specific amount of time, enjoying what limited content there is for end game fun. Then moving over to other games and spending much more time on them. Finding much more enjoyment. Even I have found myself only staying on CO for less time than I usually did because I am finding its lackluster from it's former allure. I can only make new characters so many times before I grow bored. I have four pages of characters as it is, and they are all uniquely designed.

But it's time to offer players something that will keep them around, and will keep them engaged with this game.

Of course I have thought of a few suggestions, some probably in the works and some potentially ideas other players have shared in the past. These are informed from feedback of my friends in the game, and spending time brainstorming over what could be done to get the player base back to its former glory.

1. Obviously more content is the top of the list. Cosmetics, costume contests, and key packs are nice. But those are a superficial band-aid to the problem that is bleeding through these efforts. It's time to implement content, expand on city maps, and create more social hubs for players to enjoy. (I.E. Multifaria could be used to implement a Villains Origin background to cater to the less than heroic player.)

2. A new power set. Water powers are teased, but an actual Aquatic archetype has yet to be created for players. "The Amphibian" archetype could be released, and generate at least limited interest into this game again by the player base. In which would give Devs time to create more fulfilling content.

3. A much needed graphics update to add some sparkle and shine, on what's already available.

4. More transparency in announcements and communication as to what is being done for the games longevity. Earlier announcements, explaining that there is an active approach from our beloved Devs & Gms. Taking this problem seriously is what some players would love to see, and they'd feel appreciated for their long continued patronage. Too many times there are GMs sitting in a zone saying absolutely nothing. While players notice them doing nothing but standing by a statue.

Please do something, and soon. I am sure I am not the only player who is noticing this decline, and is concerned by it.
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  • legionexxodlegionexxod Posts: 43 Arc User
    Just my thoughts on your post as a fellow player.

    on point #2 I agree in that id love to see water as an elemental power set of its own, even have an archetype associated with it.
    Further more I think more powersets would be really nice, like a shield (as a weapon) set in might (i know lots of people have wanted it in the past) additionally I think something that could be relatively easier to implement and a great start would be adding more powers and advantages to each set to increase cross compatibility of powers for free form characters which would increase the amount of creative options and result in less headaches when we are going for a theme but finding getting the right powers to work together a headache. New forms of travel powers is also something I hope for.

    on point #3 I'd love a graphical update, ill play the game either way though, and I do understand that it'll also require cryptic to ask what systems people are running, but having the options for a much more visually immersive experience would be great.
    on a side note, something they could take from their other game STO is the degree of body and facial morphing in that character editor, I do think that'd be amazing to have in this game.

    on point # 4 I think cryptic actually already got this right in star trek online! I play that too and I agree when you are being kept in the loop of upcoming content, events and development it always makes you eager to keep involved.

    I will play this game to the very end because no other game lets me create the way champions online does, but that said I don't want this game to end either, and ultimately that comes down to retaining and even gaining more players in order to fuel the game and its revenue.
  • riveroceanriverocean Posts: 1,690 Arc User
    I feel you. These and other fantastic suggestions have been made. But they seem to just be ignored. The issue is the hosting company (in my opinion) not the devs or the GM's. PWI just doesn't seem interested in doing anything worthwhile with CO. I wish they were, but they aren't. Not saying people shouldn't suggest things, but realistically we don't even have our own community manager. We have to share one with STO.. and he admittedly doesn't know much about CO. I come back on occasion, but the lack of interest in bettering the game by PWI is a real turnoff. I don't blame Kaiserin. Despite the B.S. the community dumps on her, she's single-handedly keeping this game afloat. If she ever moves on to greener pastures, stop.. I don't even want to think about it.
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  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 5,271 Arc User
    The game is what the game is. There will never be the kind of huge improvements suggested here. No resources for it. All you can do is enjoy it while it's here in the more-or-less state that it's in.
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  • spookyspectrespookyspectre Posts: 601 Arc User
    The Serial missions were the focus on new content for about the past year with the Unknowable Rampage as the final release. Now, I think, the Devs are focusing on more powerset reviews.

    From the Dev's last web chat, it sounds like the Lemurian Rampage is going to be revamped, including, maybe, revamping and bringing back the Lemurian Invasion MC event that used to proceed the Rampage.

    I don't think we're going to see new zones created anytime soon but we'll see. Some new social instances were opened over the past year. Maybe more will be as well.

    New powersets are unlikely in the near future based on what I gleaned from the Dev chat. Kaiserin mentioned the staff animations that exist already and that it would be a very large undertaking to create powers and effects to build it into a functioning power set. I suspect new powers will be added to existing powersets over creating an entirely new powerset.

    For updating graphics, you'll need to be more specific. If it can be done within their development constraints the Devs may do it. They've added a multitude of auras and costume materials over the past several years.
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    Definitely not any sort of graphics update that makes the game look more realistic. It would kill a lot of the charm the game has, while doing nothing to bring in new players - good chance it might turn off current players.
  • aesicaaesica Posts: 2,537 Arc User
    OP, you haven't been playing for very long, have you? This is a pretty small-scale game that doesn't get a lot of the total company's asset allocations. I'm surprised it's still running at all, and while I'm sure we all would love to see new stuff added and improved by the truckload, it's just not realistic so we take and enjoy what we can get. I'm just glad it's still up and running.
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  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,895 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    The only thing I don't agree is the Graphic Update

    The graphics are fine, not everything needs to be Triple A Blockbuster cinematic realistic graphics for pete's sake :weary:
    Artistic Artstyle over boring oversaturated Realistic graphics any day, every day, and I still adore CO's cartoony-style​​
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  • ansemthedarkansemthedark Posts: 653 Arc User
    avianos wrote: »
    The only thing I don't agree is the Graphic Update

    The graphics are fine, not everything needs to be Triple A Blockbuster cinematic realistic graphics for pete's sake :weary:
    Artistic Artstyle over boring oversaturated Realistic graphics any day, every day, and I still adore CO's cartoony-style​​

    Agreed, I like rather games that stand out and age well, and the comic book design does well in this case I say.
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    avianos wrote: »
    The only thing I don't agree is the Graphic Update

    The graphics are fine, not everything needs to be Triple A Blockbuster cinematic realistic graphics for pete's sake :weary:
    Artistic Artstyle over boring oversaturated Realistic graphics any day, every day, and I still adore CO's cartoony-style​​

    On the other hand, what if they added like 100,000 lens flares to everything everywhere?
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