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Optic Beam Power Suggestion

I wish Plasma Beam had an eye variant. Eye Beam is more like a direct hit from a laser blast. It stays locked on target for the duration.

Where as Plasma Beam which is currently a hand slot operates more like an Optic Power. It doesn't need a target to be triggered and by the movement of the characters field of view.

In general I think we could use new eye based powers.

Free head Movement

Thick new aesthetic
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  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    We should have an Optic Blast power, which is just a tap that does a quick eye lazer, and the character yells "Optic blast!".
  • metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 1,089 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    Well if you look at Darksied his optics are not like the rest. CO could do something like this. Throw some different FX and Wammo!

    You can some what make shift some powers to head. But what I'm in the mood for is a heavy eye beam. Blasting and lasting and looking through crowds like Homelander. What's worst about Eye Beam is these powers are Power Armor... It's impossible to make a good might build with laser eyes. I just want more options.

    OPTIC BEAM (Should be able to work good in any build)
    Charge Up. Longer charge does bigger damage and FX. 10% chance to apply radiation DoT.
    *Crushing Damage
    *Single target
    *Option to turn it to AoE
    *knocks back primary target and repel secondary targets.

    Also Initial hit is like a blast to primary but the beam continues to run diminishing damage.
    nJ54tmw.gifThis Is The Ghetto Gothix
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