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New Pet Skin Options [Using Existing Assets]

daveyj3daveyj3 Posts: 20 Arc User
Now is a good time as any to proliferate and expand the optional Pet skins! This will help customization and encourage new characters too!
Pets and Suggested New Options listed below. All would use existing assets and recolor current pet options, OR, use existing skeletons / npc's or character model with existing assets.

Duo Animal Summon: [4-legged base skele] Repaint Kzash Hounds Brown/Green for Plant based alternative, also, option for sharks all the time instead of just in water. Def Mecha sharks at least
Golem: [Human base skele] Gnome Alternative, rabbit-inspired alternative
Darkness: [Human base skele] Full figured alternative [instead of spiky legless one]
Demon Summon: [Human base skele] Succubus Alternative, Dragon [fiery version of the Sidekick one]
Celestial Angel Summon: [Human base skele] Fairy Alternatives [M/F, can use dryad set and psionic dragon wings]
Magical Animal Summon: [4-legged base skele] winged Dragon Alternative, kitsune alternative
Ice Animal Summon: [4-legged base skele] dragon alternative
Wind Djinn Summon: [Human base skele] Fairy Alternatives [M/F, can use newer ice set and psionic dragon wings]
Mini Robot summons: any of the action figure robots :P

Heal Bots Summon: some of the existing action figures could be great additions. Despite being tech, small fairy or fish or animal or flower shaped alternatives, again from existing assets, would be great alternatives. This one could also have a Magical counterpart power with those things instead, too.

If you want, I can go grab screenies of all these things, but I think you'd know what I was talking about ^_^


  • daveyj3daveyj3 Posts: 20 Arc User
    obvi new things would be awesome too, but existing assets and reskins would seem loads easier and more likely to ever happen :o
  • farginaut#6835 farginaut Posts: 14 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    I love these ideas very much. Here are a few more to add in...

    *Steampunk Kachina munitions Bots
    *Steampuunk Cactus Voodoo Doll and totem versions
    *Toy Armymen Munitions Bots
    *Flying Book for Healing Drone
    *Wisp for Healing Drone
    *Wisp for totems
    *Raven Healing Drone
    *Colorable Spirit Raptors of each variety
  • daveyj3daveyj3 Posts: 20 Arc User
    yeah! i like those! i still think this could be an easier way to spice up existing powers, without having to make entirely new powers or ATs
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