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Movie Night Lockbox

itsbrou#5396 itsbrou Posts: 1,776 Arc User
All sorts of bad for you but unforgettable movie concessions as eat emotes!
Those weird gummy dot things!
That extra large size drink that you regret downing during previews!

Flashlight emote!

Classical usher costume pieces!

That crappy concession tray as a costume item.
A device version that turns you interactable as a Store contact for a limited time, providing consumables to your friends.

Assorted cinema trope themed unlockables, like Over the Top Explosion costume change.
Brou in Cryptic games.


  • nacito#6758 nacito Posts: 962 Arc User
    I want the popcorn emote
    Just another reptile lover, known in game as @nacito

    This is a big journey, so far if you're reading this, wish you a good day
  • farginaut#6835 farginaut Posts: 14 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    Need to also include Theatre Seat travel power. Even if it's just a skin for Broom Flight

    Popcron Bucket voodoo doll skin would be nice too.

    Would liikely need many more ideas for costume pieces apart from usher uniform. Maybe just have these very few things included for rewards from an event or next set of seriel missions.
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