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FC.31.20210322.30 - Rampage - Unknowable

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,700 Cryptic Developer
edited May 19 in PTS - The Archive
  • The final Serial mission has been added. Speak with Dr. Ka to start it.

  • New Rampage: Unknowable
  • This Rampage will be replacing the Lemurian Invasion rampage. The Lemurian Invasion rampage will return at a later date after receiving some updates.
  • Added Seahorse Head, Seahorse Fins, Salamander Head, Salamander Fins, Sea Creature Tail as possible drops.
  • This Rampage will also drop Petrified Scales.

Boss Tactics:
  • Starting at 90% health The Unknowable One will gain an aura that reflects back a portion of your damage. This amount increases every 10 seconds.
  • Starting at 90% Dr. Ka will inform everyone that you'll be able to stop the effect by detonating magic infused bombs.
  • You will have to lure Unknowable to these bombs in order to set them off. This can be done by having whoever has aggro lure him over, or if someone stands close to a bomb for too long.
  • Only 1 bomb is active at a time.
  • They can be damaged normally or Unknowable can damage them with its Lunge or Dark Torrent ability.
  • Once detonated, Unknowable will lose the damage reflection effect for a period of time.
  • Unknowable can start summoning minions and slipstreams as the fight progresses.

Recognition Vendor
  • Added King Arvad Bracers, Boots, Greaves and Trident to the store.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong sidekick was dropping.
  • Adjusted the Aura rotations.
  • Fixed an issue with the tights patterns.
  • Fixed an issue with the emote and transformation unlocks.
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  • spookyspectrespookyspectre Posts: 424 Arc User
    This sounds awesome! Nice to see a new Rampage in the rotation for a change, along with the Lemurian Invasion rampage possibly getting revamped =)
  • hallsofwallshallsofwalls Posts: 62 Arc User
    "Friend, Not Food" perk/title
    The perk for finishing the Midnight Depths mission #4 gives the title "Doctor Doctor" (already given by Serene Abyss mission #1) instead of "Friend, Not Food".
  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,556 Arc User
    Rampage. . .​​
    POWERFRAME REVAMPS, NEW POWERS and BUG FIXES > Recycled Content and Events and even costumes at this point
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  • panthrax77panthrax77 Posts: 252 Arc User
    Lemurian Invasion is gone (even temporarily)? Maybe there is a god after all...

    Seriously though, thank you for acknowledging that LI is long due for changes. In its current state it will not be missed. I look forward to seeing how the new rampage goes! It would be extremely hard for it to be any worse than LI.
  • theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,811 Arc User
    edited April 29
    Feedback from the first run of The Unknowable:

    Note: This is from the perspective of a solo healer in a 10 person run.

    General: I liked the speed we travel at in the fight, very very very good. Location choice is pretty cool as well. Cutscenes could do with a bit of work because a few parts seemed a little off? (i.e. wasn't sure if Zorran was trying to affect Ka or if Ka was powering up. One player was duplicated multiple times during my run.)

    - Damage Reflection for DoTs should be drastically scaled down in comparison to direct damage. I don't recall if the damage reflect only affected players who damaged or if it was shared across the whole team. I feel like it was individual.

    - Dr Ka's voice over or warning when a bomb shows up, probably needs to happen. I don't recall a zone wide message from him about the Bomb showing up.

    - Bombs probably need a better visual tell. They are quite pretty, but need maybe a light column or something (maybe golden colour cause Dr Ka?) to highlight them to players.

    - Mobs seemed like they were appropriately annoying...and the DoTs they apply make supporting a bit hellish (for rezzing that is)

    - Can't remember but I am not sure that there was a visual indicator that the Unknowable One had lost damage reflection. In a fight in a space like that, we could use something with VFX priority to clue us in maybe? (Then again...we manage for Dino so perhaps not?)

    Hope to run the fight again this week as there are some additional things I am not 100% sure on before reporting.

  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,629 Arc User
    The Pink part of those Power Link auras really kills their use for almost any character I would think to use one on. Please remove it.
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