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Gold and Silver farming

Got almost all my character to 40 and looking to upgrade gear. besides AH and trade channel ( an am global poor) . What are the ways to farm Gold and Silver Recognition?


  • piontest#9391 piontest Posts: 44 Arc User
    Gold Recognition drops from Cosmics (Qwyjibo, Teliosaurus, Kigatilik), and, I believe the Telios Ascending lair (but I may be mistaken). Silver Recog drops from same, plus a few dailies like alerts - talk to Patil and the one next to him - and some open missions like Destroids Rise Again in MC. Some missions do too - I believe some of the Ladyhawke missions drop SCR.

    You can't trade GCR/SCR, and I believe the equipment is Bind on Pickup, so you can't trade that either. The good news is that that leaves all of us in the same basket - doesn't matter if you're poor or rich, we all grind it out. Join one of the endgame channels and they'll keep you informed about cosmics and other events that might help in farming GCR and SCR.

    Finally, GCR and SCR (and the accompanying materials from the Rampages - Gravitar's Superdense Diamonds, Fire & Ice's Hypercooled Ignimbrite, Sky Commands' Destroid Bearings, and Lemurian Invasion's Hardened Scales) will net you the best Primary equipment, but Secondaries come from 3 sources:

    The first and easiest is Onslaught Villain Tokens - in the recognition store, talk to the OV vendor - he's got 3 missions for you - Guardian Defense, Supervillain Onslaught (or something) and Playing Both Sides - DO ALL 3. DO VILLIAN AND GUARDIAN DAILY. Don't get lazy. It'll take a while - about 2 weeks, but if you're good about it, you'll get the first and possibly best secondary set.

    The other sets are drops - Cosmic Fang/Talon/OtherThing from the Cosmics, or the Endless/Madness/WhateverTheyAre from Eidolon of Destruction. Don't count on these - they're super rare - work on OV, and just hope to get lucky.

    Hope this helps.

    If you want a bit more info/help, you can find me in game most days @Pion around 6-9PM EST. Hit me up/friend me, I don't mind showing you, especially since I'm trying to motivate myself to push a tank through the OV gauntlet right now, and this will give me an excuse to actually do it.
  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,929 Arc User
    Other sources:
    You can also get gcr/scr from Eido himself and you can get scr (and Q) from doing the QWZ OMs that unlock Eido.

    The QWZ dailies can net you 20 scr day with a bonus after doing 5 days of dailies, along with a token 5 gcr.

    The LadyHawke and Dr. Ka missions do indeed give scr.

    You can get scr from Nemcon (Skipping the Rift).

    If you are desperate, you can even do the Unity missions.

    I haven't tallied it up, but I wager one can get close to 100 scr in a day.

    Cosmic secondaries can be bought from the scr/gcr vendor. No need to hope for rare drops.
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  • jamesbonnelljamesbonnell Posts: 169 Arc User
    Now, if you do the serial missions on repeat daily, it's 10 + 12 per 4-mission arc. Do three cosmics (30), the two existing mission arcs now (after you've done them all once at one day per mission unlock), it's a solid 44... for 74 without much trouble at all for most chars unless you can't solo some of the mob-heavy ones.

    The third arc - War on Peace isn't particularly soloable, and the fourth mission (and the 10 scr bookend) aren't available yet anyway.

    Eido gets 15 of each plus more GCR from the daily... if anyone's running it.

    But easily 74, plus OMs like Reign of Frogs, Burden of Beastmen, and Ascii.

    DRA (Destroids Rise Again) gives 5 per run plus 5 from the daily, too.
  • subjustsubjust Posts: 47 Arc User
    All great methods! A few others are

    Teleios Ascendant gives 5 gold and 7 silver up to 3 times a day so it is a good farm. There is a daily for it that gives another 5 GCR. Determination secondaries also drop here which are very good.

    Andrith Ruins gives 7 SCR and has a daily that gives 5 SCR. I haven’t run this in a while and don’t remember how many times a day you can farm it

    Therakiel’s Temple gives GCR and SCR with a bonus GCR daily but only once a day so it’s not really a good farm for those resources.

    I’m @Subjust in game, would be happy to run something with ya whenever I’m on 🤙
  • ansemthedarkansemthedark Posts: 640 Arc User
    UNITY should not be forgotten for SCR I say even if there are better ways but a good method to get also minor gear and resources nearby as well. They are fast and quick to do still after all, same as UNITY 2.
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