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Raptor Heads' attachment head wear (Raptor Crest and Frill) available as Top and Side

avianosavianos Posts: 5,995 Arc User
edited August 2020 in Suggestions Box
If it would be possible, I would like to see the extra costume ATTACHEMENTS From Raptor, Raptor 2 and Raptor 3 (aka the SCR/GCR Dino related costume unlocks) becoming available in other categories so other head types can access them!

Either Retrospectively or by just creating a new costume unlock
  • Raptor Crest could become available for Head Gear, Top Accesorries categories
  • Raptor Frill could become for Ears and Side Accesorries

For Example, what If I wanted to Compined the Serpent Sleek head with the Raptor Frill for a better Frilled Lizard look
or using Raptor Crest with literally anything else to make a good looking Triceratops

I appreciate the Mix and Match features costumes like this being available for multiple categories gives us a lot of options for creative potential​​
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