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FC.31.20201113.26 - Winter Event

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,607 Cryptic Developer
edited January 6 in PTS - The Archive
  • New Mission: Complete the Misfit Toys mission 5 times. Rewards the Ice Shards Back costume.
  • Added Ice Shards Bracers, Shoulders, Greaves and Kneepads costumes to the event store.
  • Moved DuckFoot Shotgun to the Nemesis vendor.
  • Moved many costumes in the event store and gift drops to the Trade Paperback store.
  • Moved Emotes and Transformations as possible drops from Holiday Stockings.

  • Added new perks for collecting the Steampunk Mecha, Cosmos, Teddy and Ice Shards costumes.
  • Added perks for collecting the winter emotes and costume transformations.

Dev Store
  • Added Sharp Glasses costume.
  • Added Ambassador Kael action figure.

  • Added Kevlar Vest 4 costume.
  • Updated Krampus bracers options.
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  • hallsofwallshallsofwalls Posts: 52 Arc User
    Winter Event Store
    The store doesn't recognize any newly acquired Winter Charms. It appears to be looking for the now-hidden currency from previous years.
  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 8,309 Arc User
    Added Kevlar Vest 4 costume.
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  • crazyflip#4138 crazyflip Posts: 103 Arc User
    Kevlar vest 4 can not be found in the tailor.
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  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,455 Arc User
    edited December 2020
    BUG: The limited timed Toy transformations devices from the Holiday Stocking last only 30 SECONDS instead of 2 minutes as the description states!
    Even since the addition of permanents toy transformations devices years ago, the limited ones got broken Timer

    Suggestion: Please add more GIFTs on the map! Their locations haven't been updated or changed for years!
    The MC park with the Ravenswood Academy Campus doesn't even have any Presents
    It's an useless empty map area

    POWERFRAME REVAMPS and BUG FIXES > Recycled Content and Events
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