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where Cyberpunk pieces ?

Hi i see in game long time ago some pieces called "cyberpunk" i have some of these but i cant find the others right now. where tehy put them, i look in every store and dont find. i missing something ?


  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,262 Arc User
    Iirc, you get those from the Snake Gulch event?
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  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 8,309 Arc User
    Probably given away for free in Dec. 10th.
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  • whatdakrakwhatdakrak Posts: 35 Arc User
    Back in the 12/11/2019 patch notes Kaiserin said they were stripping costume sets out of the Q store and moving them to event stores. The Cyberpunk set was to be moved to the Snake Gultch/High Noon event store.
    There have been 2 rounds of Snake Gultch/High Noon since then and the Cyberpunk set was absent both times. So as of right now the set is unavailable, unattainable, lost content.
    This has been brought up a couple times but no comment from any dev team member as of yet.
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  • tyroketyroke Posts: 14 Arc User
    sorry to be late but thanks everyone. GLHF
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