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Update TT lair loot... I run it because i'm having fun but good gosh nearly 100 runs and no notable loot. Cmooon man this is horrible like cruel joke xD


  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 8,309 Arc User
    edited November 2020
    "It's not about loot, it's about fun. YOLO"
    -unknown player.
    CHAMPIONS ONLINE:Join Date: Apr 2008
    And playing by myself since Aug 2009
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  • mastercontrol7mastercontrol7 Posts: 176 Arc User
    This lair is made for people who don't like things being Easy and love seeing their character getting Rekt and over again, so it not about the loot. It is about the journey.
  • wizeman#6286 wizeman Posts: 61 Arc User
    Loot is what the limited-time TT Alerts are for not the lair, which "happened" to be stacked with Eidolon's return and Nightmare Invasion this last time. FOMO.
  • subjustsubjust Posts: 30 Arc User
    The lair isn’t for loot!? I’ve been scammed 😩
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