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Issues with the vehicle upgrades vendor

hallsofwallshallsofwalls Posts: 55 Arc User
By bringing any mark 1 vehicle (even one that's character-bound) and one Tune-Up Kit to the vehicle upgrades vendor in Ren Cen, you should be able to convert them to an account-bound mark 2 vehicle.

However, the Lotus Blossom II (mk1 from Foxbatcon) and the Throne of Takofanes II (mk1 from Bloodmoon) are Bind on Equip, instead of Bind to Account on Equip like all the others.

Additionally, the new Throne of Destruction (drops from the Eidolon of Destruction; this one is mark 1 and account-bound on equip) cannot be upgraded at all, as the vendor doesn't offer a mark 2 version.


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