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Moonstruck Perk - Feasible?

I would really love to unlock the Moonstruck power for a Hero... but I have seen it requires the Moonstruck perk from Bloodmoon...

I have never played the Werewolf/Hunter aspect of Bloodmoon, so I would like to ask:
do you think it is feasible to unlock the perk in a single Bloodmoon?
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  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 7,091 Arc User
    Just get a friend and do mutually agreeable farming.
  • superalfgornsuperalfgorn Posts: 558 Arc User
    That would work.. if only I had reliable in-game friends... but I will keep in mind and maybe ask in MC for someone else who wants to do it!

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  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,611 Arc User
    Don't worry there are plenty of people who can cooperate for the perk alone
    I got mine years ago because we both wanted the Werewolf Action Figurine which comes with the perk :grimace:​​
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  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,913 Arc User
    You can always create an alt account and use that kill yourself. That's how I did it.
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  • superalfgornsuperalfgorn Posts: 558 Arc User
    jaazaniah1 wrote: »
    You can always create an alt account and use that kill yourself. That's how I did it.

    OMG I would start creating alts on that account instead of pursuing BITE, I fear, rofl

    Nevertheless, the biggest obstacle is remembering I wanted to get the perk for the power coming November...

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  • revanantmoriturirevanantmorituri Posts: 392 Arc User
    Yeah, I slaughtered the heck out of my secondary account up in the Sasquatch yurt in Canada when I wanted the perk.
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  • mawaynemawayne Posts: 82 Arc User
    Yes, it is feasible to unlock it in a single Bloodmoon without creating an alt account. However, you'll want to really make progress on the PvP stuff early in the event. Once the undead heroes, Takofanes, etc. show up, players will be concentrated in MC and not the werewolf/hunter areas.
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  • jamesbonnelljamesbonnell Posts: 169 Arc User
    I managed it, but I did mutually agreeable farming on the PVP side. I was able to clear the undead heroes and thrash of the lich king in one day's playtime, took a few hours, some teamed some solo. Being able to down Strength of Takofanes solo is really the only variable there once the crypts are open.
  • squirrelloidsquirrelloid Posts: 869 Arc User
    i got 250 kills each side in the first week (to complete my 500 kills each side perks, which were half done after last year). Easily doable, especially with the farm for the sidekicks now - more people are going to be doing it than before.
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