Therakiel Aura and Therakiel Aura (Wings)

ikonn#1068 Posts: 67 Arc User
I purchased both items from the marketplace last night, slotted them on one of my characters, and have no auras.

Performed a map change... nothing
Switched to another character and back... nothing
Exited the game entirely and came back in... nothing.

I have been unable to find any information about these 2 auras being bugged. Is this a known issue or is this the case of an item grants the aura without having to slot the item and the crafty owner puts the empty wrapper on the marketplace to sell?


  • kaiserin#0958
    kaiserin#0958 Posts: 2,759 Cryptic Developer
    Not able to repro this.

    Have you tried changing graphics settings?​​
  • ikonn#1068
    ikonn#1068 Posts: 67 Arc User
    I set the graphics slider to maximum and still didn't see any of the aura effects.

    I unslotted the items again and reslotted them. The auras are now showing. I dropped down the graphics settings back to Recommended and they are still there. I am guessing that it was simply a glitch that corrected itself with a toggle of the graphics settings.