Therakiel Rampage Coming Live Tomorrow

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Graphic by @kamokami​​


  • nbkxs
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    I can't wait to have some amazing 360 fun in there! Oh, don't forget to let them burn.
  • nique554
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    This is incredibly useful, thank you!
  • avianos
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    The hardest part for me to get used to is is the Sword Spin aura mechanic!
    If the Boss has Dark Aura BLOCK
    If the Boss has Light Aura = DO NOT Block, You wont die from the damage​​
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  • squirrelloid
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    Start of every therakiel fight: explain mechanics for several minutes. Realize half the people didn't bother to grab a mirror. They forget half the mechanics immediately anyway and keep dying.

    It would be a lot easier if the mirror puzzles and aura puzzles had been left in the alerts/rampage, so people could have learned how those things work outside of hte Therakiel fight.

    Also, something i learned that isn't on kamokami's graphic: there doesn't seem to be a good visual clue as to which of light/dark therakiel will be while he's shielded (or at least it doesn't stand out to me), you have to click on him and find the icon to check. Kind of annoying.
  • kaiserin#0958
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    Therakiel has a dark metal sword while affected by dark aura, and a gold sword while affected by light.​​
  • squirrelloid
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    Also a lot of games don't hold the players hand on endgame stuff. A group of people have to figure it out and then share that information with the rest of the players (TERA, FFXIV) via guides or infographics like the ones @kamokami did. The problem with CO is that the players are used to charging headfirst into every fight without taking 2 minutes to do some research beforehand...heck even without taking 2 minutes to check the infographic that I link whenever I pugged the rampage yesterday.​​

    I don't care what other games are doing; it's still bad game design. I've never played either TERA or FFXIV, nor do i care to do so. This kind of thing was fine in the 80s when no one knew good game design from a hole in the ground, but most modern games do have 'mini-tutorial' sorts of set-ups for new mechanics because its simply good game design. That there's a few hold-out dinosaurs is their problem, not a reason to do it. And what's the point of 'surprise! unknown mechanic!' We should want most people to learn to do it, not make this exclusive content that only the most hardcore players can do.

    I mean, your conception is sort of like the 1980s 'you have to read the manual before playing the game', except the publisher isn't even providing the manual! :trollface: