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alt0angel0skalt0angel0sk Posts: 137 Arc User
DawnCon 6 CC , i (Alto MK-7 v2) plan to host in Champions HQ inside Champions HQ building in ren cen at July 24 7PM server time, will be a HeroGames Champions themed Costume Contest, theme will be: Chibi Champions, NARCOLA, Therakiel Homage tribute, design your own cosmic boss(secret prize), there will be Honorable Mentions as well, Top prizes for the top 3 will be Cosmic aura.

TOP 3 will get an cosmic aura of their choice, will have to team up with me in team after the contest so i can get your desired cosmic aura of your choice, since the tokens them self are account bound but not the auras them self

as for the secret prize for the *design your own cosmic boss* , i will reveal that during the costume contest, so stay tuned for that

there will be Honorable mentions as well

Winners and Honorable mentions will have a picture taken of them as they will be posted on forums after the costume contest

meanwhile check out this post for more dawncon 6 updates:


  • chemkchemk Posts: 42 Arc User
    May have to check this out... I hear there is an old friend in town too.
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