FC.31.20200602.28 - misc Fixes

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Black Fang Alert
  • Added Black Fang Back Fur costume.

Therakiel's Temple
  • Removed one of the puzzle locks in Baron's wing.

  • Fixed a bug where his rifts spawned at the nearest players.
  • Fixed a bug where his Hellementals were blowing up after 20 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where he would sometimes not fully activate his Glory ability.
  • Standing in the divine light will no longer protect you from his Eye Beams.

Baron Cimetiere
  • Damage from his blocks now increase over time.

Black Fang
  • His Cyclone ability will now bring players outside of its damage range closer.
  • Added a short delay to some of his summons.

Vladic Dracul
  • Cage entities will now despawn when Vladic is defeated.


  • chaosdrgnz43
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    Nice tip about Black Fang Back Fur being an Attachment for his Epic Tire Armor. Completely fixes the gap problem.
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  • poptartmaniac#8493
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    Fixes are pretty good. Not sure about the baron thing, makes sense though since tanks were surviving it.
  • pantagruel01
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    Or the way it scales means it's still negligible. Stripping dots won't help with ball lightning/fire snake/dust devil/etc
  • kaiserin#0958
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    He already purges all dots (bleed, poison, etc) when he goes into his block phase. You may get hit with the first tick of the shield effect, but after that as long as you're not re-applying them it won't be an issue.​​
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