Brave the Elements Costume Contest 6/12/2020!


  • kaiserin#0958
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    Thanks everyone! Prizes will be given out Monday!​​
  • kaiserin#0958
    kaiserin#0958 Posts: 2,759 Cryptic Developer
    Sorry for the delay, prizes have been given out!​​
  • hemslord
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    Do you have pics somewhere so we can see the winners =) ?
  • jaazaniah1
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    They have never had pics or names of winners on the forum.
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  • markhawkman
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    is there still a VoD on twitch?
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  • warcanch
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    Email and link received on 6/22/2020 for the Live streaming of this costume contest at 2pm on 6/22/2020.

    Turns out, it's actually for something in Neverwinter. Thanks for the Rick roll.​​

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