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FC.31.20200602.7 - Therakiels Temple Bug Fixes

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,810 Cryptic Developer
Therakiels Temple
  • Fixed a bug where there was an invisible wall before Therakiel.
  • Fixed sub boss rewards not being handed out.
  • New Mod: Devious Shield. Grants flat damage reduction.
  • New Mod: Tough as Nails. Grants resistance to Slashing damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Black Fang's armor was not unlocking on the female avatar.
  • Adjusted open mission flow.

Valerian Scarlet
  • Fixed a bug where she wasn't summoning enemies per player.
  • Sigils now hit the entire boss area when exploding.

Black Fang
  • Damage adjustments.
  • Fixed a bug where he wasn't summoning enemies per player.
  • Has a new attack that will knock targets away if there are too many in melee range of him.

Baron Cimetiere
  • Adjusted the glow on the water.
  • Players affected by the Curse will not take damage from the Baron's block attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where the Baron's shield messages were swapped.
  • Reduced hitfx from attacking zombies for better visibility.
  • Cursed ground has a more distinct fx.
  • Reduced overall damage resistance.

Vladic Dracul
  • Added a bigger fx on players who are caged.
  • Adjusted area effect of his melee attack.
  • Adjusted charge up time for his Condemn attack.
  • His Bite and Condemn attack now share the same cooldown.

  • Aura effects and Statues will now vanish when Therakiel spawns his Hellementals. New statues will be created once the Hellementals are defeated.
  • Gave Hellemental unique costumes based on what aura they create.
  • While in his Blazing Aura state, Therakiel will swap between having a Light or Dark aura. Once he resumes combat this aura will deal increasing damage to targets not protected by the appropriate aura.
  • Known Issues: Dissonance currently has no charge time.

  • Added Feather Back costume to dev store.


  • thaelab#0927 thaelab Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited June 2020
    Overall raid - All trash mobs are buff. They will kill you if you're not careful. This applies to all trash mobs in the boss area. You get 10 mods, an equipment box , and 4g per boss kill.

    Valerian Scarlet - Kill all sigil or die. If any sigil is alive when the timer expire, everyone will die regardless of where the sigil is. Valerian doesn't seem to summon sigil or cast anything as long as the adds are still alive.

    Black Fang - A lot more chaotic with more mobs. The cyclone now pull you in. Because of the range of the cyclone, you could just go beyond it and not get it.

    Baron Cimetiere - All the animation works. The zombies hit way harder now.

    Vladic Dracul - The cage is annoying as hell to deal with. You cannot even hit the cage properly unless you hit it in the right spot.
  • nbkxsnbkxs Posts: 750 Arc User
    Therakiel's room is too disorientating to tell where to run to escape the mega swirl of death-doom/range to survive is far too distant.
    Therakiel's buff statues aren't disappearing when the 'mentals spawn, but instead, only after one of them drops.
    Therakiel's position/statues aren't resetting on a wipe.

    Vlad's cages are often impossible to target.

    Baron isn't properly shifting into mega [email protected] hp after a wipe.

    Black Fangs leap isn't animating properly.

    Val sometimes places sigils in places that are almost impossible to see them.

  • qawsadaqawsada Posts: 727 Arc User
    Bug: the light where you use the mirror on Therakiel in Therakiel's room didn't spawn in one of the runs.
  • poptartmaniac#8493 poptartmaniac Posts: 246 Arc User
    edited June 2020
    Doing more tests as of this patch, will update as we go.
    And this is from the standpoint of experienced veteran endgame players.

    Valerian Scarlet

    -So my main issue with this fight is sigils spawn at the same time as she's doing her circle maintain with the mobs. therefore while we try and deal with sigils, valerian shreds the tank, who is forced to block due to maintain so, they are also unable to get the huge amount of mobs off of the healer.

    -Sigils spawn in really random places and hard to find and kill in time even with high end dps, our OT had to switch to melee role to assist the dps, which made it harder to handle mobs too.

    -We got the sigils in control when our OT switched, but now they began to -sometimes- detonate immediately when they spawn. Or atleast one of them, so we'd all randomly die before we have time to do anything.

    -The amount of mobs in valerian were okay before, I'd suggest toning it down to what it was. I think the complaints about 'not enough mobs' were mainly for black fang. Or atleast, make the mobs not spawn all at once like I mention below.

    -Mobs spawn all at once and way too often and immediately gank dps/healers before they can even react.

    -The flight is still really really annoying, tanks find it hard to keep their buffs up when she just flies up as soon as she is approached. I get it was added to give more flavor to the fight but like I said before I think it's better off without it.

    -We weren't able to get past her sadly. tried many times, sigils just kept detonating immediately or the maintain would destroy the tank, or mobs would destroy the healer, while the dps were busy with sigils.

    TL;DR I liked this fight because it encouraged dual role tanks, but it was impossible to get through when sigils kept blowing up as soon as they spawn, or with sigils too spread out and hidden for dps. And valerian's flight sucks.

    Black Fang
    Coudn't even fight this boss everytime we got there, he was already dead, the cutscene would play without him and Caliburn standing there with the dialogue for when we finish, we coudn't advance then and got stuck in the instance cuz we're "always in combat" for some reason.
    tried it multiple times.

    Other stuff

    Can't give notes on the rest of the bosses for now, sadly team got discouraged after the valerian stuff. which is understandable.
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