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Emote Suggestion Thread.



  • lillysaturnlillysaturn Posts: 108 Arc User
    Facepalm. We really really need Facepalms.....
  • dialamxdialamx Posts: 804 Arc User
    Coin Trick Shot

    Flip a coin in the air, then pull out a pistol (using what ever skin you have set, or default if none), shoot the coin, spin the gun, and tuck it into the holster (stick it to the side of the leg and it disappears)
  • holloweaverholloweaver Posts: 572 Arc User
    Facepalm. We really really need Facepalms.....

    Yes !
  • redobsidianredobsidian Posts: 48 Arc User
    How about a Spellcasting Emote
  • jranonjranon Posts: 21 Arc User
    A Celtic dance. With a spin and a kick.


  • majesticfurymajesticfury Posts: 21 Arc User
    - SleepFaceDown (Sleeping on front)
    - SleepOnBack (Sleeping on Back)
    - SleepOnRightSide (Sleeping on the right side)
    - SleepOnLeftSide (Sleeping on the right side)
    - Hold Drink (Looping holding a drink)
    - DrinkCup (Gradual loop drinking from a cup)
    - DrinkGlass (Gradual loop drinking from a glass)
    - DrinkCan (Gradual loop drinking from a can)
    - DrinkBottle (Gradual loop drinking from a bottle)
    - EatSandwich (Eat a sandwich on a loop)
    - EatRoll (Eat a sub/roll on a loop)
    - EatPizza (Eat a pizza slice on a loop)
    - EatHotdog (Eat a hotdog on a loop)
    - DanceWithGlass (Steady dance holding a glass)
    - DanceWithCup (Steady dance holding a cup)
    - DanceWithCan (Steady dance holding a can)
    - DanceWithBottle (Steady dance holding a bottle)

    We need alot more sit emotes also!
    -SitBack (Lean back with legs out)
    -SidetoSide (Sit with legs tucked to the side)
    -SitFormal (Sit on a chair formal)
    -SitTalk (Sit and talk at the same time)
    -SitEat (Sit and eat with a knife and fork

  • horripilantehorripilante Posts: 212 Arc User
    Saw these on another game.
    Carrying unconscious NPCs


    Eating and drinking
    (The character eats some bread and drinks from bottle, alternating for in a loop)


  • metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 612 Arc User
    New sitting emotes. Flaw and chair!
  • panthrax77panthrax77 Posts: 270 Arc User
    I think what I'd like to see more of in general are idle emotes like the idle_proud emote from ste. If we can't get more stances, alternative idles are at least a decent substitute.

    Would love to see some of the star trek stances done like this, especially the feminine stance. Also putting my support behind the Spider-Man crouch already mentioned. A casual crossed-arms stance is practically mandatory. The hands-on-hips emote that NPCs like Liberty Guard use is honestly superior to the valiant emote, imo. Also more different sitting emotes would be cool to see, both on chairs and not. :P
  • jovianjjovianj Posts: 25 Arc User
    Curtsy emote
  • metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 612 Arc User
    edited August 2020
    /e tap_foot_ loop
    /e slav_squat
    /e piece sign (like Naruto)
    /e jump_success
    It will make the toon freeze in the air for a few seconds
  • squirrelloidsquirrelloid Posts: 868 Arc User
    -The left hand dramatic point emote that some villains do during cutscenes. IIRC, Soviet Guard does it during Red Winter, but he's hardly the only one.

    -Knight's prayer, preferably using whatever melee weapon you have.
  • hixtomhixtom Posts: 6 Arc User
    With the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman (King T'Challa of Wakanda aka Black Panther), I was wondering if we could get an arms crossed on chest with hands in fists emote that could be "Wakanda Forever." Maybe just call it "/e Forever."
  • catstarstocatstarsto Posts: 1,126 Arc User
    "Would you like a jelly baby?" EMOTE

    Courage is doing what is right even when it isn't popular or safe. Honor is retaining the dignity and virtue in one's self, so it can light the way for others in the darkest of times. Compassion is showing patience and mercy towards others, even when it isn't returned or deserved. A hero is defined by these 3 words, they set him apart from others as a beacon of hope and excellence.
  • High Noon got me in the mood for some gun spinning action.


  • zwipezantherzwipezanther Posts: 82 Arc User
    A couple of beach related emotes to go with the new bathing suits would be nice.

    One of you laying on a towel with your hands behind your head, and another sitting under a beach umbrella.
  • pallierpallier Posts: 62 Arc User
    edited September 2021
    emote name: emote_Sarcastic
    action: raises an eyebrow, eyelids go half closed, left hand on hip, right arm raised with palm upward.
    message in chat:
    [player] scoffs sarcastically at [target].
    [player] scoffs sarcastically.

    Oh Atari how I miss you!
  • galactickirigalactickiri Posts: 76 Arc User
    pallier wrote: »
    emote name: emote_Sarcastic
    action: raises an eyebrow, eyelids go half closed, left hand on hip, right arm raised with palm upward.
    message in chat:
    [player] scoffs sarcastically at [target].
    [player] scoffs sarcastically.

    We need an option to 'like' individual posts here.
  • ravynwynd#5096 ravynwynd Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited December 2021
    A picture tells a thousand words. I'll post a YouTube link below of a video displaying a number of emotes that would be great to see in Champions Online.

    Meanwhile I will list my favourite animated emotes and suggested animated emotes.

    /e sitstool (emote sit for stools)
    /e sitwall (emote to sit on wall)
    /e sit2 to 5 additional /e sitchair (various legs crossed over knee sitting, leaning back chilling sit, etc.)
    /e armscrossed
    /e atease (which exists in CO but I discovered it by accident it is not listed with Arc CO nor in game which is /e military)
    /e leanwall2 a second leaning against wall just static, not fidgeting.
    /e readnews
    /e readbook
    /e holdtablet
    /e sitwithtablet
    /e sitwithphone
    /e handonhips
    /e onehndhips
    /e stand1- 4 (various ways to stand; it get's old having just one)
    /e sipwine
    /e sipbeer
    /e sipcoffee
    /e mratlas
    /e pondering

    For the love of walking. I know we have walk. /walk 1 to walk and to return to running /walk 0 However, the walk is brisk and there is a trail of dust. Can you slow down the walk and please remove the dust? We don't need to be looking like angry Champions walking fast to the restroom.

    For turn based RP to have a physical way to determine results for rp combat or rp use of skills i.e. hack security.

    Please add animated dice, where we roll dice, and the result is seen in chat or on dice.

    Requesting these emotes too.

    The video provided displays a number of animated emotes. What is good in one mmorpg can be good in CO; to provide more verity for the players.

    Emote Animations YouTube Link

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