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Justice Squadron

I want to know about this Super Team :)


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,092 Arc User
    [Mick Jagger] "You can't always get what you waaant..." [/Mick Jagger] :p

    But seriously, there's quite a bit to know about them. Can you narrow it down to anything in particular?
  • xskulllopsxxskulllopsx Posts: 14 Arc User
    I want to know about the heroes on this Super Team, or an source like a book idk
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,092 Arc User
    That I can do. :)

    The Justice Squadron is a powerful and prestigious superhero team, one of the oldest continuously-active teams in the world, and could be considered the oldest still around. The first Justice Squadron was formed during WW II to protect the West Coast of the United States, but disbanded after the war. It was reformed in 1962 by the Drifter, and Vanguard the setting's Superman analogue. As of the last published source on the team (from Champions Universe 2010), its membership was:

    Brawler, an immensely strong mutant "brick" and team leader, and the third in his family line to use that identity;

    Blink, a very versatile teleporter, and a graduate of Ravenswood Academy;

    Superstar, a powerful mutant cosmic-energy manipulator, another Ravenswood grad and former juvenile delinquent who spent time in Stronghold, but turned his life around;

    Flashover, daughter of the first criminal Flashover who was killed in battle with the Justice Squadron. She acquired fire powers like her father from a deal with Teleios to get revenge on the Squadron, but had a change of heart and reformed;

    Tomahawk, second hero to bear that name, a Native American with mystically-enhanced physical abilities and wielding his enchanted namesake weapon;

    The Drifter, one of the most accomplished sorcerers on Earth (despite what they show you in CO) :/ , is a reserve member of the team, but mostly operates solo these days.

    Realistically, over the past decade some of these heroes would probably have retired.

    The book Champions Universe: News Of The World includes a full history of the Justice Squadron, plus detailed write-ups for all those heroes, as well as their friendly-rival team, the Sentinels. (In terms of style and heritage, the Justice Squadron is rather analogous to the Justice League, while the Sentinels more resemble the Avengers.) If you're interested in the first, Golden Age lineup of the JS, they're written up in Golden Age Champions Secret Files, compiling material cut from Golden Age Champions for space considerations.
  • xskulllopsxxskulllopsx Posts: 14 Arc User
    ty very much :)
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