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Fun Nullifier interactions with the Draysha Gas Pistol etc.

epeleskerepelesker Posts: 298 Arc User
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Recently, this has been a hot topic amongst some of my friends since that Thundrax has told us that he's been getting rather annoyed with having the Draysha Gas Pistol being used on him-- mostly for the effect where it swells the character's size and proportions. Even with recent patch notes stating that the Fun Nullifier has been reworked (to interact with the DGP, though this is not explicitly stated), we have discovered that some interactions with the Fun Nullifier may not be working as intended.

After testing things out last night, I believe that the issue with the interaction lies in the Draysha Gas Pistol's cone AoE, and that the effect of the character model proportions changing (and the associated glow, though this part is not the issue) might be tied directly to the application of the damage up buff the DGP provides when activated.

1. Directly targeting a party member who has the Fun Nullifier on with the Draysha Gas Pistol does not work.
2. Targeting a party member who does not have Fun Nullifier equipped, with a party member that does have it equipped standing nearby and is caught in the DGP's area of effect, will apply both the visual changes and the buff to both characters.
3. Targeting someone *not* in the party does not prevent a player from using the DGP even when the Fun Nullifier is equipped to their devices(?).

I uploaded a video here. In this case my Brigade targeted Hearthguard (the golden armored fellow) while the green haired Rathe had the Nullifier equipped, and the Draysha Gas Pistol still worked on the latter. https://sta.sh/010d6bg20915
Here is a screenshot as well. It's a bit small but if you look at the party member list (top left side), Brigade's status lists both the Draysha Gas Pistol buff and the Fun Nullifier buff together. https://sta.sh/01s4lghvsar3

We did test with other "fun" devices with areas of effect and these all seem to be working as intended when a person with a Nullifier is standing close to an intended target: ie. the Party Cannon did not apply a hat or cause flinching to my character but there was a slight sparkle effect, and the giant waterballoon did not cause a knockdown but did apply a short "soaked" visual. This was viewable by everyone who was present at the time.

We understand that the Draysha Gas Pistol isn't technically a "fun" item since it does have a stat-affecting buff (and from what I hear, commonly used in endgame content). At this point, we're thinking the issue is best resolved if there is a way to have the growth effect portion of the device disabled completely instead of trying to get it to work (in this case, not work) with the Nullifier.

(I just want Thundrax to be able to enjoy playing the game he has so much history with, most of all.)
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  • epeleskerepelesker Posts: 298 Arc User
    edited May 2020
    Additional information:

    This was on the Live server.
    I had purchased a Fun Nullifier from the vendor in Club Caprice shortly before doing this test. The Draysha Gas Pistol was in someone else's storage for a while but traded to me and bound to my character shortly before the test as well. (In case there's any discrepancy with different versions of the device, my DGP has a 4min44sec cooldown-- same as what can be traded from the Drifter.)

    Rathe also bound the items to their character before we did the test, and Hearthguard had none of these items at all, though he did ask if he should get a Nullifier as well and we told him he didn't need to (since we needed a guinea pig to test the theory on).
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  • stratluverstratluver Posts: 287 Arc User
    I'll just say that the harassment has gone beyond just the draysha pistol. I'm so glad we don't have GM's in this game. Letting the inmates run the asylum is working out great.
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