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More broken inventory fun

guyhumualguyhumual Posts: 2,312 Arc User
Champions Online: please fix your game. I hate to keep harping on and on about how terrible your inventory management system is but it's embarrassingly bad. That's my main bag with three free slots clear as day. I've sold all of my stars, because CO can't seem to make things stack outside of the main bag anymore, but I still keep getting "inventory full" messages.


  • kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,714 Cryptic Developer
    Somewhere you have a stack of stars that's beyond the 20 count stack cap. That needs to be broken up to claim that item.​​
  • stratluverstratluver Posts: 297 Arc User
    If you have a stack of stars holding you up, I've found that if I drag that stack into my device tray I can then take those extra stars. Then I just drag the stack back out.

  • guyhumualguyhumual Posts: 2,312 Arc User
    I've sold all my stars
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