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So, with the update to events, we now lose tokens. Once a year events lose their tokens at the end of the event. Events that show up multiple times a year lose their tokens at the end of the year. It's already set up so we can buy event tokens with Drifter Salvage, 5 salvage for 10 tokens. Why not make it so, if you have enough tokens at then end of an event, it gets converted to salvage using the same exchange rate? If you end an event with less than 10 tokens, you get no salvage, just lose the tokens. For every 10 tokens you have at the end, you get 5 salvage back.

This would give people who have already gotten everything from an event a reason to keep playing it. And those that have spent salvage trying to desperately get that one item they need before its gone won't feel they've wasted their salvage at the end. The "Once a Year" events give slavage after they're done. The "Multi-Events" give salvage at the end of the year.
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    An interesting idea. Maybe have an option in the event store itself to buy Drifters salvage with event tokens?
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    scorpio303 wrote: »
    An interesting idea. Maybe have an option in the event store itself to buy Drifters salvage with event tokens?

    That would work too. Since the event store usually lingers a bit after the event is done, you could sell off your unused tokens for salvage before they disappear.
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    Yeah but Salvage is a money source. At best you could ask for your event tokens to give a small discount. Such is the state of profit culture.
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    I don't know if salvage is a fair trade, but it would be nice to spend these tokens on SOMETHING. The only new items added I get from doing dailies, and most things are actually being REMOVED from the event stores. Kinda begs the question why?
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    You can generally spend them on mods or consumables. You probably don't want to, but there's things you can buy arbitrary numbers of for 5 recog each.
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    What Panta and Spinny said. Drifter Salvage was purposefully put in Lockboxes so that players have to buy it. They aren't going to make it a give away. I personally plan to save mine until after the next event then use them to buy mods to sell in the AH. That's the only option for me given the lack of new stuff in the event store.
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  • spinnytop
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    I've got it:

    When it removes the recognition, the game should just automatically convert it into Resources. 1 G per like...10 recog or something?
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    Every quantity of event token should have some value.

    If someone ends up with three tokens or whatever, they should have some means of spending those tokens somehow.
    Could be recognition, could be some blind offense/defense/utility core or enhancements, whatever.

    One of my characters has 2 odd tokens they picked up during the current event and everything is priced in increments of 5. Whatever else I gain, unless I manage to gain 3 more odd tokens I will end up with some leftovers. Something I will have done for this event will be thrown out by the game with no consideration given to the effort I put in to get those tokens.

    I am not going to pretend that it was hard work or anything, but that effort should still have some sort of payout.

    Also? Wouldn't mind seeing some more pricing tiers. Things in this Malvanum event are priced 750 (ATs and vehicles), 400 (costumes), 300 (more costumes), 50 (titles), or 5 (miscellaneous). That leaves a lot of room to fit other things in.

    Even if just some higher-ranked miscellaneous stuff, seeing some things at 50, 100, and 200 tokens might be nice.

    As to the OP's suggestion, the first problem is they want an even trade. They want to be able to turn in 10 tokens for 5 salvage and then turn in 5 salvage for 10 of some other token. May as well just put every event on the same token with no expiration if they are going to do that.
    There would have to be a loss built in for this to even be a consideration. You buy 1 salvage for 10 tokens or whatever.

    I am not saying that I like the expiration date on tokens, but it has to be considered in any such suggestion.