Bullet Barrage-good or no?

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What does it do? Overpower? Anyone who has tried this, can you tell me if this ultimate is worth it?


  • flowcyto
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    Here's its tooltip at R3 on a lvl 40 Hybrid w/ no gear or stats (left my travel power on, tho):
    And for ref, here's R3 Lead Tempest w/ the same:

    It's basically like a higher-dps Lead Tempest w/ some defensive attributes. The channel only lasts ~1.2 sec, though, so the extra effects don't last that long. It doesn't have Overpower available- instead its special adv is a large AoE perception debuff that lasts 8 seconds.
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  • lillysaturn
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    Lets be frank and brutal with the current duration/cooldown its pretty useless
  • spinnytop
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    So in that 1.2 seconds lead tempest would do up to 1560 damage (less if targets are far away).

    In that same time, barrage could do between 6500 to 8680 damage, assuming half the targets are beyond 30ft while at the same time giving you brief damage immunity. Sounds like it shreds.
  • warcanch
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    I put it on my pistol-packin' PFF tank, The Gun-isher.

    No threat advantage but the short duration is actually helpful at the cosmics with the exception of Qwjibo once the hearts are up. I can get a cast IN in between their big hits. I honestly can't tell you what kind of damage I'm doing, though. Or if swapping Execution Shot for it was a good thing.​​

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