Pets not working properly

stagendo#4122 Posts: 1 Arc User
When i tell my controllable pets to attack a target they do not seem to respond to the command and simply stand there or sometimes they will do one attack then just stand next to the target and not do anything. On occasion they will fight the first target in a group of enemies and then just not attack any more of the enemies from the group, the keybinds for the pets also dont seem to be working and i've tried rebinding the keys to see if that would fix the issue but it didn't seem to help.


  • ealford1985
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    2009 is that you?
  • sapphiechu
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    I sent a help request on this myself. It seems that pets function normally in closed, instanced missions, but in open missions and large world-maps, they stall and stop. Apparently this is NOT a new issue, and has yet to be addressed. As ealford1985 mentioned above, this was originally mentioned waaaay back in 2009, when the game was, I believe, still in beta or shortly after release.
  • spinnytop
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    The controls for pets are janky and unreliable. Better to have your pets attack via you aggroing something. If you're hoping to have pets go in first, Hydra can do that for you.