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Serial missions perks

Hey all.

So, with the new update, the serial missions Death Rattle & Serene Abyss now have their additional collection Perks, but I'm having trouble completing them. I can point perk hunters to which parts I have found, though

This & That
Mysterious, Burned note - Dealings at the docks, the corner left of the exit/vending machine, behind some boxes
Ladyhawke trading card - unknown
Schematic - A.P. Bio, third room (pretty sure it was the third room), look for a fallen whiteboard/projection screen
Moon rock - unknown (seriously, I looked all over both maps in Unknowable but I couldn't find it)

Ancient Mysteries
Amusement park ticket - from the shadows, second room, bookcase on the far wall
Vampire's diary - unknown
Ancient crown - Break the Walls down, second room, smashed display case in northeast corner
Strange device - A Life in Hiding, Charybdis warehouse, middle of the easternmost wall, behind some shelves on the floor


  • mordray001mordray001 Posts: 218 Arc User
    Regarding the Trading card...
    It seems to be one per mission... which likely means hunting down each of the possible pearl locations and searching them... which is complicated by the fact that not all pearls are entirely within the mission zone.
  • stratluverstratluver Posts: 287 Arc User
    Moon Rock-grab a pressure suit before you exit the mission (side dome room). Go outside. Turn left and look under the radar dish that's on the ground.

    Vampire's Diary-Shadows in Sunlight mission (outdoor map). City center right across from the Argent building is a nightclub (purple lights). Right side of the building (facing it), turn the corner and it's on the ledge. Loc/7413 250 532

    Trading Card-Still hunting. Have found 25 locations (heard there were 30?).

  • theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,805 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    Hmm, I found the Vamp Diary and Moon Rock in the locations listed above by stratluver, another player and I were searching together a few days ago when I found it.

    (I thought the Vamp Diary location was pretty fitting (Succubus Club) )

    Trading card has been eluding me for a while now, BUT I know it is out there somewhere. I've found 25 locations (thought I found 26 but one of them is a duplicate as pointed out by another player after I shared it. Updated link is here.

    I do know it is tiny and rectangular...so at least there's nothing weird about this card's look.

    And there are no spawn requirements for the card to show up, it should be available in open world like Vamp Diaries are.

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  • mordray001mordray001 Posts: 218 Arc User
    Trading card... found it!

    Start at the dumpster pearl on the waterfront and head to the east, right hand side of the map, there is a pier on it is a pair of benches one is knocked over the other in off kilter but upright and on the upright one is the card...

    Hope that's understandable.
  • theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,805 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    I found the card!!!! Oh... :o

    Card is located at:

    1828 -11 -2423


  • hallsofwallshallsofwalls Posts: 61 Arc User
    edited May 7
    Here are the locations of the Midnight Depths collectibles for the Darkness Unleashed perk.

    Edit: You can type /loc to get your coordinates in the game, and /navtoposition to move directly toward a set of coordinates. Entering "/navtoposition 268 1907 1090" in the rampage will take you straight to the necklace, for example.

    Foxbat Sings! Program - On a bookshelf inside the WCOC conference room during Air Waves. -76 -2400 15

    Journal of the Order, Volume 35 - Inside the library during By the Books. Lower level, in a corner of the inner wall by the base of a ramp. -12 -20 -23

    Lemurian Shrine Fragment
    - Behind a toppled statue in the first octagonal chamber of the Lemurian Temple during Off the Hook. 1435 -673 4865

    Shark Tooth Necklace - On a broken wall below Arvad's palace during the Unknowable rampage. 268 1907 1090

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  • heartstringsk3heartstringsk3 Posts: 132 Arc User
    edited May 2
    IN the rampage, okay, that's why I couldn't find it! Thanks!
  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,550 Arc User
    Shark Tooth Necklace - On a broken wall below Arvad's palace during the Unknowable rampage. 268 1907 1090
    FOUND IT! Thank you

    Here is the Locations for everyone who wants to find it without spamming /loc every 5 seconds

    Tip: If you want to stay on the Rampage Map after its over and you want to avoid the Auto Kick out, while you are in MC set your Instance BOX settings on Always let me pick which instance I go to, now you can close the exiting window every 1 minute manually without getting kicked out​​
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