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Lockboxes, more lockboxes, and more more lockboxes.

mindgladiatormindgladiator Posts: 27 Arc User
Welcome to champions onlockboxes. Apparently dont a big changes between studios. Same content all the times. Lockboxes and nothing interesant more. I dont know why cryptic thinks lockboxes are the content we all waiting for. This is just my opinion if you have a different is ok but be fair and give your opinions here.

First of all sorry for my english i know isnt the best.

Lets start with a list of bigger population destroy of champions online:

1.- Convert alerts as a leveling way doing the rest of maps useless. This makes game a fast spank game with 0 interest for a long play time. Level till max in 5 days and after it see that your high level options are more alerts.

2.- Freeform for all. This was a paying players dissapear. Like most of people pays for a good advantage from the people who dont pay. I know people says i dont want a pay to win game, but, we want something interesant for our money right?.

3.- Low interest of the game staff for the people opinions. Seems they dont pay attention to this forum. Cause they asked for suggestions and they ignore the 99% of them. I can trust that not all thems are good. But seems from 1000 suggestions 0 are good? Stadistic says that is impossible.

4.- Lockboxes race. Think content people requieres for fun is open lockboxes. If you dont think a open a lockbox isnt fun maybe is cause you have a low expectations.

5.- Latest real content of maps or real dungeons was in 2009 with the therakiel temple appearance or whiteout around 2011. I mean real content cause those alerts arent a real content. Two mins battles arent a content or you think a movie of 2 mins is a movie?.

List of objectives a real games accept when starts a online game:

1.- For get improves you have to invest. Is simple if you want people pays you, you have to give them something that really compensate them spend their money, they work hard for obtain in this game. I know i know if people pays you can do more things but none pays for a game with 0 content. You should know after create some games right?.

2.- New maps, new bosses, new lands. One serious rule of all the games is you will keep in games if you have things to do. Here you have things to do? I think no when i choose stay in a game is cause i have something more interesant to do than watch a clock moving. Repeat same content from 2009 and keep doing same alerts from 2013 isnt fun also when adding some alert every 7, 8, 9 or 10 months. Alerts are 2 mins, max 10, after it rest of time what?. Objective of all games are like facebook. Stay as much time of possible busy inside the game.

3.- Make money maybe this could be the first point. But money dont grow in trees you wont get money if dont work for it like all of us do every morning or every night when we have to ear till puke our boss enraging for stupid things. If a company wants money from the game you have to work for it.

Dont know how much time will this game keep alive. I have read this morning about some forum says 5 months or 9 months. If this is true i really will miss champions online. But seriously players dont kill the games. Are the bad gestions of the companies who kill the games.

Thanks for read me and remember is just my opinion.


  • savetheplanetnowsavetheplanetnow Posts: 46 Arc User
    Does a list exist where all lockboxes are viewable?
  • thaelab#0927 thaelab Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    There is an npc in the vehicle shop that let you view them. That npc is next to the Paperback Vendor
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