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Which is more?

spordeliaspordelia Posts: 413 Arc User
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Several or many?



  • sapphiechusapphiechu Posts: 232 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    The word several, according to dictionary.com, is defined as being more than two but less than many in number or kind. It also has definition of respective; individual; (they went their several ways), and separate; different (several occasions). In law, it is considered a law that is binding two or more persons who may be sued separately on a common obligation. As a noun, it is defined as several persons or things; a few; some.

    Many, by contrast, as the adjective, is defined as constituting of forming a large number; numerous, and as a noun, a large or considerable number of persons or things.

    So, it would take several severals to make many, and you could divide many into several parts.

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  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    A butt ton is the most. That's approximately three crap loads or fifteen trunks worth of junk.
  • jonsillsjonsills Posts: 6,314 Arc User
    Remember to specify your system, though. A metric crapload is equivalent to about 1.3 imperial craploads, for instance.
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  • lazkal#2844 lazkal Posts: 1 New User
    guys when i open the app it shows me and empty page how do i get the game and how do i play i cant find where to start it
  • themightyzeniththemightyzenith Posts: 4,599 Arc User
    Less is more
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