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PvP Duels

saburfangsaburfang Posts: 121 Arc User
edited April 2020 in Suggestions Box
I'm sure this may have been asked before but I'm gonna bring it up again anyway.

So! PvP.. 1v1 or team duels, we can all agree that dropping to 0 hp and respawning back at the hospital to go all the way back to where defender is (because that's where all duels tend to happen) sucks, especially when there no rezzer nearby.

So how about duels get tweaked to where the first to drop to 1hp losses, and immediately after the duel ends, all manner of DoTs are dropped so the loser doesn't die right after the duel ends due to a DoT. That way we can keep the duel action going faster and it's much more engaging to the playerbase so they don't have to keep making trips back from the hospital.

So to clarify, once the loser hits 1hp, their character will drop on their back and do the reaching out animation with their hands, and after a few seconds, they slowly get back up. Basically the servitor serum self res animation.

Because heroes shouldn't be killing other heroes in a *friendly* duel afterall!

Also maybe an option to enable/disable the boundary walls as well because ring outs.. tend to not be fun when you fight someone with 500+ str/ego with knock back attacks..


  • holloweaverholloweaver Posts: 572 Arc User
    If it sucks to be lazy and to respawn at the Hospital then how about you go to the Powerhouse where all the features for duels are already there?
  • saburfangsaburfang Posts: 121 Arc User
    I do tend to go there occasionally but let's be honest here, not everyone wants to go inside the powerhouse for dueling and besides, this is just a suggestion for those who want to duel outside the powerhouse or at any location in the outside maps, one shouldn't *have* to go to the powerhouse just for duels, we have the option to initiate duels outside the powerhouse so why not expand on it.

    And no, this isn't due to laziness but nice assumption I guess. *shrugs*
  • holloweaverholloweaver Posts: 572 Arc User
    If my memory doesn't fail me but this feature in the Powerhouse had been precisely added to answer this question.
    I suppose it's a similar assumption than your "have to go to PH just for duel", heh.
    So no, you don't "have to" go to PH just for duel but this feature already exists and if you don't use it, it's on you.
  • saburfangsaburfang Posts: 121 Arc User
    My assumption was based off yours so I guess we're both assuming.

    And I'm already aware about the duel arena in the powerhouse for that reason.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to expand a little more on outside duels.
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    I think this suggestion is a good idea. Small QoL improvement for people who like to do the dueling.
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