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Reduce Canada and MI zone caps to 15-20

bringmeaslabbringmeaslab Posts: 174 Arc User
It would be super cool to be able to attack and have hits register at cosmics again. Thanks.


  • warcanchwarcanch Posts: 956 Arc User
    While I agree with your comment, I disagree with the suggested solution. It didn't help when they dropped it from 50 to 35.​​

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    "Okay, you're DEAD, what do you do NEXT?"
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    might be cause they overestimated the game's abilities and were too conservative with the reduction. I think reducing to 15 would be fine. At that point we're taking a current full Kiga raid and turning it into two. More reason for people to rolls tanks, healers, and CCers too.
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