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FC.31.20200325.5 - Serene Abyss, Foxbatcon

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,769 Cryptic Developer
Serene Abyss
  • A new mission is available. if you have completed the last mission speak with Dr. Ka to receive a new mission. This mission requires you to go to Vibora Bay, and your character must be adequate level to do so.
  • Added Bleak Essence device to the pts store.

Vibora Bay
  • Players who have completed the Crisis on their account at least once can enter Vibora Bay on any character once they have reached level 34.

  • New loading screen.
  • Moved the Foxbat Shirt costume drops to potential drops from Foxbat Fans enemies.
  • Added Bike Helmet, Bent Baseball Bat, Boxing Gloves costumes to the pts store.
  • Added Stunt Double loyal sidekick to the pts store.
  • New Mission: Help the Foxbatcon merchant retrieve swag bags stolen from him. (Daily)
  • New Mission: Complete the swag bag mission 5 times. Awards the Bike Helmet costume.
  • New Mission: Complete the Real Foxbat mission 5 times. Awards the Boxing Gloves costume.
  • New Mission: Complete the Fox Hunt mission 10 times. Awards the Stun Double loyal sidekick.

  • Added preview images for costume drops.
  • Added preview images for Vikorin's costume drops.
  • Added Spikes and Neck Armor costumes as potential drops.

  • Adjusted Power Skating animations while in combat.


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