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Champions Online - Days of Future Past Edition

Since I'm spending more time in front of the computer these days, I decided to exercise my creativity. The concept I have in my mind now is the classic "Guy from doomed future travels back to the past to prevent catastrophic events and save the present".

@bulgarex since you're looking for stuff to occupy yourself during self-isolation, here I am calling for your help again :p
How's CU lore regarding the future? Any doomed timelines I could base myself?

At first, I was thinking about create a future timeline where the superhuman population is kept at concentration camps, pretty much like Marvel's DoFP, but I decided to check official sources before I procceded.


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,159 Arc User
    Funny you should mention that. ;) Per the official Champions Universe time line, 2020 was supposed to be the year that the battle to prevent the mighty extra-dimensional tyrant, Tyrannon the Conqueror, from invading the Champions Universe and conquering Earth, led to the banishment of magic from that universe and the end of all superpowers. What followed was a half-century of an increasingly dystopian, "cyberpunk"-style civilization, before humanity found renewed hope and vision that carried them to the other planets, and ultimately the stars. Plainly there's no sign of that happening in CO as it presently exists. Of course, that could be because someone made some changes... :smirk:

    (Before anyone gets their knickers in a bunch over that time line, it was first introduced in print in 2002. I'm confident the management of Hero Games figured, if they were still publishing Champions Universe books eighteen years later, they could revise the time line then.) :p

    But in fact, there's already an official character with just that sort of background. Captain Chronos (Champions Villains Volume Three: Solo Villains) has come from a 61st Century Earth rendered nearly lifeless by a terrible cataclysm. Chronos believes if he can make the necessary alterations to events in the present day, he can prevent that cataclysm from ever happening.

    Nonetheless, there are all sorts of threats in the Champions Universe right now which have a very good chance to profoundly alter the world as we know it unless stopped. Dr. Destroyer and Istvatha V'han have both come perilously close to conquering Earth in the past, and still aspire to. Mechanon and Kigatilik seek to end all life on the planet, each in their own way, and are capable of doing so. The imperialistic alien Hzeel have been planning a large-scale invasion of Earth for almost two decades. Dr. Yin Wu has been trying to recreate the Jade Mirror of Transcendence, a reality-warping artifact he would use to reshape the globe in the image of imperial China, with himself as Emperor. VIPER's goal has always been to conquer the world, and the plots they weave to achieve that are multitudinous. I could go on at some length, but that's just off the top of my head.

    If you haven't read my recent thread on Time Travel elsewhere on this forum, you might want to acquaint yourself with issues surrounding the concept as expressed in the Champions Universe.

    BTW the setting has an alternate-time-line version of Earth that's a close analogue to DoFP. The extremist pro-mutant master villain Kinematik is a refugee from that Earth, determined not to let "his people" suffer the same fate on Champions Earth.
  • brfabeirasbrfabeiras Posts: 182 Arc User
    Cool! I'll take a look into your Time Travel thread, thanks for the info! :)
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