Costume Transformation Suggestion Thread

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Post your Suggestions for Costume Transformations in this thread!

Here are mine:
Spontaneous Combustion Transformation (animation is Phoenix Flight's explosion)
Earth Tomb Transformation (Cave In+Rock pillar into char model then breaks)
Go Big Transformation (Break Free animation with a circular shockwave like UR or Howl)
Leaves/Petals Transformation (similar to a ninja's kagebunshin but with and explosion of leaves or petals)
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  • datuvee
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    • Nuclear Explosion Transformation --- Use animation, fx and sound fx from Energy Wave power, with an additional kaboom sound and flash, then a short mushroom cloud effect afterwards.
    • Force Transformation --- Use animation, fx and sound fx from Force Eruption. Simple enough, and effective!
    • Charge-Up Transformation --- Character hovers in the air with arms and legs outstretched, energy sphere fx swirl inwards to the player, with a glow effect that gets stronger on the player, until there's a flash into their new costume.
    • Digital Transformation --- Character can fade out and then in with the 1s and 0s from the upload travel power.
    • Transporter Transformation --- Character gets "beamed up" ala Star Trek, fading out, then a few moments later, reappears in their new outfit.
    • Mutagen Transformation --- Character has a bunch of fleshy bits grow out from their bodies (covering them up entirely), that then explode messily, revealing their new costume.
  • ealford1985
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    Burned alive.

    Uses the dying citizen animation and end in a pile of Ashes and then pop! Reborn (could have a Phoenix type version but less burning alive)
  • galactickiri
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    Hasty Transformation: A similar animation to the Superman phonebooth suitup, or the Wonder Woman spin, but it's whirling emote where articles of clothing spin away, persisting for a few seconds on the ground as the hero or heroine hastily suits up.
  • dialamx
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    Break Through: A wall prop appears in front of your character, and you punch through with your new costume on.

    Swarm: Like the Murder of Crows but with swarms of insects.
  • areee
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    Suddenly Portal: A hole appears below your character and they fall down. Portal immediately closes, only to open a second later in the air above where your character was where they make a landing in their new costume.
  • metalheart#4270
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    methods of self cloning like a new you comes from pod or what not like a tag match
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  • metalheart#4270
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    Iron maiden and Coffin transformation. The coffin one the character will close his arms and fall back into a coffin. The iron maid he fold his arms but stay up right.
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  • spordelia
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    Something like this for metamorphs:

  • purplerainman#7869
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    How about a speedster based one similar to the Takeoff Flight Transformation. The character quickly zips away and returns in a different costume.
  • jaazaniah1
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    "Emerge from the Earth" Basically what happens when one turns off the tunneling TP.
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  • andondarkmore
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    How about Iceman's transformation from Spiderman and his amazing friends.
  • blackoctober
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    What about a briefcase transformation like in Iron Man 2:
  • dialamx
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    Power Stomp

    You step forward with a powerful stomp, causing the ground to crack as your costume changes. It ends with you throwing your arms back, leaning forward, and roaring

    Could use a cloud of smoke, or a burst of lava from the ground, to hide the costume change.
  • blackoctober
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    Probably impossible to do in this game, but an "Unzip your outer skin" transformation would be cool.
  • starflairex
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    Can we make a transformation out of the Unleashed Rage animation?
  • daderganonumbers
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    I've said it before: stripper pants!


    ...but obviously with a costume underneath.
  • jer#1883
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    Tornado transformation, almost like what the Twister hold attack looks like, but you change costumes instead
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  • menesh
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    Pull shirt over head transformation. For all the heroes who wear their tights under their clothes and don't magically turn into hero form.
  • metalheart#4270
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    Genie transformation: fold arms and nod
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  • catstarsto
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    Game intro transformation, where your toons name, and champions online are in some sort of title scene posing with an emote.

    Also how about a victory transformation, and make both have activation buttons for quick access to the power bars....just so they can be used effectively cool.

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  • superalfgorn
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    Meditate into costume.... use the Meditate emote (floating) and with a flash the new costume appears.
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  • superalfgorn
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    Dr.Jekill/Mr.Hyde: Drink a chemical and poof!

    Ninja Smoke: drop a smoke bomb and switch costumes while obfuscated.
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  • ansemthedark
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    - Tunneling Transformation, dive in, then come back up in your new look
    - Wing transformation, Angelic Wings 2 or 4 wrap around you like a cocoon and you re-appear out of it
    - Additional Insect cocoon transformation, putting yourself in a web then come back out like in one of the Spider-Man there was such I remember, Lego Marvel I think had such
    - Candy, Toy, Orb Transformation, turn into a flowing object then reappear out of it
    - Smashing or Landing Rocket Transformation, coming down on you, and you get out of it, similar to the Duel Rocket
    - Star Trek like beaming Transformation
    - Clown car Transformation, small car drives but and you crawl out
    - Vehicle Transformation overall, jumping out the car like Batman or out your Jet
    - Inverted Transformation, a small orb like area appears around you inverting your colors then orb darkens or lights up to transform
    - Tentacle Root Transformation, Roots or Tentacles come out of the ground and wrap around you then release you in your new costume, can be also a Big Flower or Venus Fly Trap, think like Poison Ivy
    - Dysmorphic Transformation, your body sliders take on different and random shapes before you form to an egg or ball then reform in your new shape, think similar to Roin'esh and Heroes like Elastic man
    - Arrow Transformation, shoot gas, smoke, on the ground or a little tent or sheet that covers you
    - Umbrella Dance transformation, Umbrella twirling or dancing to transform, alternative with a lamp-post, think dancing in the rain
    - Mirror Transformation, your costume you switch to appear in a mirror that ports in, and you walk through it and walk back out in your new costume

    I honestly also would not mind variety to existing ones like silly stuff as example Super Speed, but you trip and fall in your new costume, or movie cliché wise you run into the fruit stand or pile of boxes. Super Jump, land in a water tank or barrel or Assassin's Creed Style in a haystack.
  • tariser12
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    Has an insect cocoon transform been suggested? Visually it would be similar to the snowball roll transform but more oval shaped and spinning like a top instead of rolling
  • ansemthedark
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    tariser12 wrote: »
    Has an insect cocoon transform been suggested? Visually it would be similar to the snowball roll transform but more oval shaped and spinning like a top instead of rolling

    Think it was somewhere but in case I like to imagine it like the Lego games did with Spider-Man.
  • negusonic#7245
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    Zip Up back. Zip up Collar. Then turn and look at the back of your leg/mirror.

    Call it the FoxBattle Suit and go FULL George Clooney Batman

  • menesh
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    Pull shirt over head transformation.
  • metalheart#4270
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  • daveyj3
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    my suggestion is to use these amazing animations for powers. either existing powers, alternate animations or porting powers from other sets. some of them are AMAZINGLY animated, but rarely seen.

    example: water spout CT can be a water [soul siphon].

    example: ice block CT can be the ice hold/immob.

  • dialamx
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    Money Diving. Using the "dive" animation from the Burrowing TP, a pile of money, or gold coins, appears. You dive in, and then burst out in your new costume, flinging money everywhere as you do.