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Champions Brand Lore

So CO has lots of named brands you can find in your travels. Nar Cola, Clean Cape Dry Cleaners, Purple Line Shipping, Lackluster Video, and so on. I'm sure a lot of these are just jokes thrown into the game, but I know some come from the Champions lore. I'm just curious how detailed the Champions lore goes with brands. Is there a list of brands that exist in the lore?


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,091 Arc User
    Well, there isn't really a specific "list" of brands, but a fair number of them are sprinkled through the books. The majority appear in relevant sections of Champions Universe and Millennium City. For example, in the section of the latter book dealing with "Restaurants," it mentions such popular food chains as Royal Burger, Bamboo Garden, Swift-T Chicken, and Darren's Pizza (named, in real life, for former Hero Games president Darren Watts). Sometimes the brand is actually a substitute for an existing real-world one, with Nar-Cola being an outstanding example. Another, described in the section of CU titled, "Superhumans and the Media," is SNN, the Super News Network, devoted to 24 hour coverage of all matters related to superhumans. ;)

    Drawing all such references together in a list would be no small task... one which I don't currently have time for, nor, I admit, much inclination. However, if you were looking for something in particular, I could probably chase down a relevant reference if such exists in print. :)
  • dialamxdialamx Posts: 757 Arc User
    Well all of this came up when a friend was asking whether Champions Lore had a specific Toothpaste brand. I wasn't sure if the lore would go so deep as to have a specific brand of toothpaste. Restaurants, Drinks, Media, these are larger brands that would stand out, but toothpaste not so much.
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,091 Arc User
    Yeah, I'm afraid I couldn't find a CU-specific toothpaste brand. Nor shampoo, deodorant, anything of that ilk. As you say, brands like those aren't as high-profile, so if it was referred to somewhere it would probably have been a rare coincidence.
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