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Go Mando, go!

flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 8,061 Arc User
edited November 2019 in Off Topic
The Mandalorian.
****, i love it.
More **** like this.

And Baby Yoda is shooo cuuuute!!!!

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  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,116 Arc User
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,827 Arc User
    Yoda's species are basically gremlins, so that's not surprising.
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  • ealford1985ealford1985 Posts: 3,327 Arc User
    Finish episode 4 today, it’s been good. I think he redeemed himself from the J_w_ embarrassment with his shi_.
  • dialamxdialamx Posts: 613 Arc User
    I found it funny how the latest episode talked about the Imperial ATSTs like these devastating war machines that are nigh unstoppable. They're absolute jokes in Jedi: Fallen Order. Of course you play a Jedi in the game, so I thought maybe that's why they're so easy. But then I remembered Ewoks taking them down like they're nothing in Return of the Jedi.
  • ealford1985ealford1985 Posts: 3,327 Arc User
    Yeah, Ewoks and Jar Jar are a stain on Star Wars....and it’s not the cute factor that is the issue. I mean Baby Yoda brings tons of cute but a lot of heart as well.
  • shadowfang240shadowfang240 Posts: 1,519 Arc User
    they were kind of a joke in the force unleashed too...but given the premise, just about everything was, including a falling star destroyer​​
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,827 Arc User
    It's a variation of the concept of conservation of ninjutsu. One walking tank is terrifying and formidable, 100 walking tanks are cannon fodder.
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  • jonsillsjonsills Posts: 6,278 Arc User
    edited December 2019
    Ewoks, working at a Stone Age level of technology, were able to hold what Palpatine described as "an entire legion of my best troopers" at bay during the process of construction of Death Star II - to the point that the Imperials had to establish pickets in the forest to warn the bunkers if anyone was coming. And the only beings that could possibly be coming were Ewoks.

    Ewoks are the baddest mammyjammers in the known galaxy, is what I'm saying. They also straight up ate those troopers whose helmets they were playing like drums at the end.
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  • shadowfang240shadowfang240 Posts: 1,519 Arc User

    that is all​​
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