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Much prefer Retro Ironclad and Sapphire

Honestly I think these two should be converted to their retro look. To be completely blunt I think it looks way better than their modern looks and interpretations.
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  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,704 Arc User
    Not sure how I feel about Retro Defender, but retro Sapphire... looks too much like a random civilian.
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  • shadowolf505shadowolf505 Posts: 662 Arc User
    I side with the OP for this, they look way better to me as well. Maybe if Defender was in his 2015 look (referring to the lockbox set), I'd have a better comparison between them that would be tough but between the two sets, Retro and the prior, I rather Retro. As for Sapphire, I like the Retro version over her version prior.
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  • mithrosnomoremithrosnomore Posts: 462 Arc User
    I agree with Ironclad.

    The current Ironclad seems like a throwback to his predecessor Obsidian in terms of looks. Just sort of monochromatic and not visually stimulating.

    Not even including his build, the clothing stands out much more than the armor and makes the character stand out more as a result.

    Sapphire I am kind of neutral on. I do not consider her to really wear a "costume", so it just comes down to the haircut and the pants. Assuming she is acclimated to Detroit and there aren't any weather-manipulation devices at work, she should probably start wearing full pants in late-ish October and switch to shorts around mid-late March.

    But the game itself doesn't recognize seasons beyond the winter event.
    Still, if they could put retro Sapphire in the game at that time, that would be plenty for me.
  • guyhumualguyhumual Posts: 2,136 Arc User
    I agree, Sapphire and Ironclad look much better, Defender I like with his white and blue costume.
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