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New Wall of Ice?

hasukurobihasukurobi Posts: 405 Arc User
Is it just my imagination or is the new version of the Wall of Ice extremely weak compared to its former self?

I have been using it a bit to see what the difference was and so far it feels like it does mostly nothing but act as a slow down. That is, it does not seem to deal much damage from what I can tell. Before it seemed to deal pretty solid damage though it could be a touch glitchy.

Also has its cooldown been reduced because it feels more spammy now than it did before? Perhaps it is meant to be spammed to make up for the DPS drop?


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 10,180 Arc User
    The old Wall of Ice wasn't that reliable, and iirc any Chill from it didn't count as yours since it was a separate entity. Now its less about the dmg and more about having a more reliable alternative to apply/refresh Chill.

    .. in fact, the chance to apply Chill is high enough (50% per tick) that you could pair it w/ Ice Sheath in any build and take adv of its Chill-related bonus (assuming it works). Could also use it to proc/roll Ice Embrace in any build, if desired.
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