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The Crusader Initiative (New Heavy RP SG)

The Crusader Initiative

A letter meets your eyes; either by a physical envelope, e-mail, or through a linked-in ad.

Carver City Needs You, The Crusader Initiative is Now Hiring”

The letter includes a brief mention of constant terrorist attacks being organized against the Cities Government and any and all heroes are needed to combat the threat.

Food, Housing, and Transport for members of The Crusader Initiative are provided during their operations in Carver City.
Call: 1-800-414-4856 for more information (PM me @Lefrom )

Carver City

Carver City is a city located in the heart of Tennessee (where Nashville would be, prior to being destroyed and rebuilt after an attack by an Extremist Super-Villain known as Rapture). But upon its rebuilding, Carver City had the opportunity to advance further, having started anew. Even by the standards of Millennium City, it’s quite advanced. Flying cars, advanced medicine, and Mach Trains aren’t unusual in Carver City.
However, the growing threat of a Terrorist Group known as ‘The Black-out Brotherhood’ has followed in the footsteps of Rapture and has been attempting to completely shut-down everything in Carver City in belief it’ll force humans to ‘evolve’. This is when Agent Kayashi was given the assignment to put together a team of heroes to suppress the threat.

OOC Information

The Crusader Initiative is a new Heavy-RP SG centered around the story of Carver City. (don’t worry, your character can will still be able to operate in Millennium City with courtesy Transport. The setting is solely for events and plotlines centered around the SG). The SG plays as if Carver City were an actual setting in Champions Online, complete with its own ‘Crisis in Carver City” event that will take place this on September 3rd (more information once you’re inaugurated).

Events will be running weekly and dates will be put on the Events Tab of the SG Window.

1. Be Polite OOCly to your fellow SG members please, IC Drama is fine but do not take things seriously and bring it to Out-Of-Character lives.
2. Do NOT Godmod or Meta-game (Forcing Actions against a character, using OOC information ICly). Additionally, this SG does not RP by level. (although you're welcome to duel ICly as long as both parties are agree to it)
3. No Public ERP, (Erotic Role-play)
4. Be respectful to other people, do not discourage other players for their events, costumes, builds, or role-play. We won't tolerate Elitism towards other players.
5. Try to have fun! Most importantly, I want everyone to enjoy the story and characters!

Few more things to know before joining!

1. There are no 'restrictions' for the SG, Carver City is desperate and is looking for heroes of all types. However, there is still an 'IC Interview Process' (as it is ICly a job). This is just to gauge how your character would fit into the SG. You can also send me your character via discord ( festeringMongoose#4058 ) if you'd like to be sure it's green before we do the "Interview"

2. There are consequences for actions in RP Events if you make reckless moves. Your character can become seriously injured and become 'out of commission'. Of course, DM's will give fore-warning before actions. This is solely to add a risk-factor to RP Events so players do not keep an "I'm invincible" mindset.

3. We are friendly to beginner RPers! Although this may be a rough start as this is a RP Heavy SG, we're happy to guide new RPers.

4. There are rewards! Yes! Much like completing a quest in a new area, there are "quest rewards" I will reward players for showing up to events, hosting events, making RP fun, and being helpful. I will gift keys, vehicles, vouchers, costumes, or mods(if you're into that)! (Players who show-up to Crisis in Carver City Will Get a Costume Box Voucher)

Carver City needs you, hero.

I hope to add a new chapter in the RP scene in CO, and do something new with it.

If you're interested in joining just contact me @Lefrom or on discord @ festeringMongoose#4058 for questions, comments, or concerns!


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