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Reckless Questions!

I'm currently in the middle of making a new Might Build, and I'm wanting to exploit the Reckless Strike feature on Haymaker. However, as of this message the Powerhouse Database doesn't have the Might update in it. I am looking for the quickest way to gain 3 stacks of Reckless. Any ideas?


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 11,188 Arc User
    Call to Battle at R3 can give 3 stacks to you and allies, but the cd itself is too long to refresh those stacks alone. Iron Chain's Reckless adv can build to 3 stacks w/ just one combo (can also apply/refresh Demolish).

    That said, afaik the special adv on Haymaker only requires the buff to exist on you, and not necc that you need 3 stacks (and there's plenty of options to just get one stack of Reckless).

    It also seems like Haymaker's special adv is bugged atm and always applies the 30% boost once you take the adv, even w/o Reckless. While nice, that's def not intended..
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