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Field Testing the Archetype: The Radiant AT

qawsadaqawsada Posts: 714 Arc User
This is more of my experience with the Archetype rather than an actual guide, but if you like to share your build and experience with the archetype, by all means. More knowledge about the archetype can benefit future players that bought or unlock these Archetype into their account, and it may help them become better players for it. With that said, lets get this started.

The Radiant AT is a Support Archetype that uses the power of the mystical and the celestial to heal their allies. In terms of other Support ATs, Radiant AT is the most generic healer of the bunch. I wouldn't consider this a bad thing since the Radiant AT does an extremely well job of, well, healing. Anyways, lets get to the power line up!

Level 1 - Eldritch Bolts - This is going to be your energy builder for this build. While the stun adv might seem nice, you wouldn't probably use it as often.

Level 1 - Rebuke - Now this is a nice healing power that also double as an attack power. While the travel time of the animation is slow, Rebuke is spammable, pleasing to look at, and the most important part of it all, its a 100ft range healing power. This 100ft range give you a large room to work around with, and this is especially important if you're put in charge of healing the Baby Tank in the Teleiosaurus' cosmic fight.

Level 6 - Vengeance - An AoE power where you bring down a heaven of light onto your foes. It can buff itself up to three times to make it cost less and charge faster. The adv, Redemption Denied, paralyze the main target and stunning the other foes around the main target. This adv make Vengeance a good candidate to spread around that Sentinel Mastery debuff.

Level 8 - Seraphim - This is going to be your Passive for this archetype. Its okay for what the passive offer, although I would have prefer an Aura Passive, instead. What this passive does is increase your healing strength by good amount while healing you and your allies around you. There is an advantage that suppose to make that passive healing stronger and make you a DoT machine, but R3 Seraphim is too good to ignore this since R3 will already make your passive healing stronger while buffing your other healing power.

Level 11 - Expulse - A PBAoE attack that upon fully charge, damage everything around you and drop a healing rune. The healing rune part is pretty nice to heal your allies that are standing on said rune. There are a few handy advs you could take, but those are completely optional.

Level 14 - Compassion - Compassion is your go-to toggle if you're going full healer mode. There isn't much else to say about this power except to get it to stack 8.

Level 17 - Circle of Radiant Glory or Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary - This is a hard choice to make. The Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary, assuming it doesn't die immediately upon summoning, offers a decent amount of protection ranging from stealth, a heal over time, resistance to damage, and a defense against being crowd controlled. The key word here is assuming it doesn't die immediately upon summoning. I repeat this line because the strength of the power depends on how many of those sigils are up. The sigils themselves tend to die pretty fast against giant AoE attacks like every Cosmic, Teleios Ascendant, and Event boss's attack, ever. The other choice, Circle of Radiant Glory, is a pretty looking circle that is summon under you feet. By staying in the circle, you can use the power again and it became a PBaoE heal upon every cooldown. If you die on the circle, you will get resurrected. However, the game has a funny way of making you get out of that circle in the worst way possible, and having you die outside of the circle. For example, every knock power ever, especially Teleios Ascendant's Grond. Simply put it, don't depend on this circle to save your butt when you die. Instead, treat it as an PBAoE heal.

Level 21 - Eldritch Shield - This Block power has the highest non-physical defense in the game, so you're well protected against those nasty giant AoEs. Don't bother with the special adv since the Radiant AT doesn't come with an Aura Passive, sadly.

Level 25 - Arcane Vitality - This is a very powerful AoE cone heal. The way it works is that it will heal anything between you and the target allies. There is no excuse NOT to rank 3 this power since the aoe range is quite large and the healing pulse very ideal. Keep in mind that the more allies you heal with this power, the weaker it gets. Strategically, this power can make the final room in Teleios Ascendant so much easier, but I'll get to that later.

Level 30 - Binding of Aratron or Soul Mesmerism - If you didn't make Vengeance your a Sentinel Mastery feeder, then you get to use one of these two powers. Either one is fine. Soul Mesmerism can paralyze its target, and it could spread to other foes if you take the Adv. However, Soul Mesmerism probably has the longest charge time compare to your other CC option. Binding of Aratron incapacitate its target, and you only need to maintain only for one second to trigger the CC effect. It also comes with a siphoning adv.

Level 35 - Divine Renewal - This is going to be your resurrection power. If you take the adv that allows you to resurrect more players at the same time, the charge time for the power doubles. Try not to get some attention from a nearby foe or use that Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary's stealth component to hide yourself if you're going to charge for that long.

Level 40 - Planar Fracture - This is a DoT Ultimate that you will probably never use, nuke or otherwise. Instead, you should use it as a debuffing power for your party. However, the debuff this Ultimate offers is completely random. You could double the Fracture with the adv, Double Vortex, and get two random debuff instead of one.

Here is a build I use, but you could build it anyway you wanted. I took Sentinel Mastery over Presence Mastery simply because of how powerful this mastery is in a cosmic fight. With this mastery, you use a certain crowd control power on the target and any ally attacking said target will get heal in return.
The Radiant AT - The Radiant (Support)

Super Stats
Level 6: Presence (Primary)
Level 10: Ego (Secondary)
Level 15: Intelligence (Secondary)

Level 1: The Radiant (Int: 10, Ego: 10, Pre: 10, Rec: 8)
Level 7: Brilliant (Int: 8)
Level 12: Diplomatic (Int: 5, Pre: 5)
Level 15: Intimidating (Pre: 8)
Level 20: Lasting Impression (Pre: 5, Rec: 5)
Level 25: Shrug It Off (Con: 5, Pre: 5)
Level 30: Showmanship (Ego: 5, Pre: 5)

Level 1: Eldritch Bolts
Level 1: Rebuke (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 6: Vengeance (Redemption Denied)
Level 8: Seraphim (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 11: Expulse (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 14: Compassion
Level 17: Circle of Radiant Glory (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 21: Eldritch Shield (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 25: Arcane Vitality (Rank 2, Rank 3)
Level 30: Soul Mesmerism
Level 35: Divine Renewal (Rank 2, Radiant Renewal)
Level 40: Planar Fracture
Adv. Points: 31/36

Travel Powers
Level 6:
Level 35:

Presence: Repurpose (3/3)
Presence: Selfless Ally (2/2)
Presence: Grandeur (3/3)
Presence: Force of Will (2/2)
Sentry: Fortified Gear (2/3)
Sentry: Precise (3/3)
Sentry: Sentry Aura (3/3)
Sentry: Fortify (2/2)
Sentinel: Eternal Spring (2/2)
Sentinel: Caregiver (3/3)
Sentinel: Sentinel Aura (3/3)
Sentinel: Genesis (2/2)
Mastery: Sentinel Mastery (1/1)

Healing Rotation
Cosmic Raid - If you're healing the tank, use Rebuke or Arcane Vitality on the tank. Arcane Vitality can catch any players in between you and the tank. Spam Rebuke like crazy if your tank is in danger. If you're healing the Baby Tank at the Teleiosaurus fight, Rebuke is going to be your life saver since the 100ft range is ideal to heal the baby tank from afar. Use the Expulse and Circle of Radiant Glory or Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary to provide the party heal around you. Use Vengeance with the Paralyze Adv or either of the two Crowd Control powers to get that Sentinel Mastery proccing and healing your entire raid against certain giant AoE attacks, namely Kiga's Storm. Here is an example of my Radiant AT usage in the Qwyjibo Fight

Teleios Ascendant - Its pretty simple to heal as a Radiant AT in this Lair. Rebuke/Arcane Vitality your tank, Rebuke your allies, use either Rebuke, Arcane Vitality, and Circle of Radiant Glory or Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary as your personal heal, etc, you get the drift. In the final room, discuss with your party and try to have one of the DPS with the poison to dps in between you and the boss. This way, you could just target your tank, use Arcane Vitality, and heal both the tank and the poison carrier. When you have the poison, just Rebuke/Arcane Vitality yourself, and use all those wonderful PBAoE heals you have.

Gears and Mods
I was fortunate enough to get some decent gears for this healer, and I bought the purple secondary gear on the side.

Regardless I would recommend the following if you're just starting out. Do note that the Secondary can be obtain from the Equipment box loot, from the auction house, or the Champion Recognition Vendor:
  • Blue Tier/Fortuitous/Remarkable/Mercenary's Glove of Healing - x2 Presence 5 Enhancement/x1 Sentinel Brooch 5
  • Blue Tier/Fortuitous/Remarkable/Mercenary Breastplate of Greater Health - x2 Presence 5 Armoring/x1 Growth 5
  • Blue Tier/Fortuitous/Remarkable/Mercenary's Helmet of Speed/Efficiency/ or Utility - x1 Presence 5 Enhancement/x1 Presence 5 Armoring/x1 Impact Prism 5 or x1 Gambler's Lucky Gem

  • Transcendental Belt
  • Domineering Bracers
  • Friendly Eyepiece or Commanding Eyepiece


  • ultronyte#7191 ultronyte Posts: 26 Arc User
    As someone who has a fully geared Radiant AT healer and has plenty of experience with him, this is a pretty accurate summary of the AT.

    Like you said, its main drawbacks are definitely:
    - Rebuke's travel time (don't wait until the last minute to heal the BT);
    - The painfully slow 4-person rez advantage (I don't use it, I feel like it's wasted time trying to rez people in Dino, for example, when you could be healing);
    - The unreliable self-rez (which honestly works better as a PBAoE heal, like you said).

    It's a great AT, and does its job well. These are just the main points to watch out for when playing it in cosmics and other endgame content.
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