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A way to see your own debuffs more clearly?

ares#7140 ares Posts: 40 Arc User
edited July 2019 in Power Discussion
Many MMOs either automatically make your personal debuffs on a specific target larger and easier to see, provide an option to make it so or otherwise can allow you to install an addon of some kind. I've looked around in the options but found nothing of the sort, so I decided to double check if there might be some sort of plugin or option to that effect?

P.S.: I chose this subforum because 1) This does have a relation to powers and 2) The parser is in this subforum and I figured that this topic isn't too dissimilar to that.
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  • theglasskittentheglasskitten Posts: 175 Arc User
    Unfortunately there is no way to do this right now and the game doesn’t allow for addons. It would be a -major- QoL improvement for combat if it could happen though. Doing something like trying to guess how many bleeds belong to you in a stack of 22 bleeds is not ideal.
  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,455 Arc User
    This is a QOL we really need especially with how DEVs push open world bosses from events and cosmics

    CO's UI needs major updates in general​​
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  • nbkxsnbkxs Posts: 701 Arc User
    Yeah, this nonsense makes some builds unplayable if you're looking for maximum efficiency. There are also, other problems too. EX: Tiger bite is broken if you don't own at least one of the shreds on the target. But if you have a lot of people using it there, you're just sorta screwed no matter what.
  • bluhmanbluhman Posts: 2,409 Arc User
    Look either they have to
    • Make debuffs put on enemies actually matter to other players beyond 'you do a bit more damage I guess'.
    • Give us an option to show only our debuffs on enemy targets
    • Separate the players' own debuffs on to their own row
    • ...Or make more fights that are about taking down more than just one target that has about 65 different debuffs on it at all times.
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  • ares#7140 ares Posts: 40 Arc User
    I'd really like option 2 in that list, personally. It seems simple enough, at least in my ignorant to programming mind.
  • fermifermi Posts: 117 Arc User
    I've often wondered why the ownership of the debuffs is so important in an explanation/logical sense. My power bites the target and sucks their blood, so it gets more powerful if my target is bleeding. Four other players have stacked twenty bleeds on him... but so far as my power is concerned he's not bleeding at all.

    Now from a gameplay perspective, I can understand why they would keep them separate - if we're ALL waiting to consume those bleeds, my allies could get annoyed if I eat them every time. Yet this raises another question: if my allies' buffs don't matter to me, why do I see them AT ALL?

    Maybe easier then making some buffs larger or more sparkly or whatever than others would be a toggle to make other people's buffs not show up at all, just as I can make their power displays not show up at all.
  • phasestarphasestar Posts: 79 Arc User
    I think these are all good ideas and this is much needed. My preference would be to make your own effects on the target larger and separate them from the others on their own row.
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