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What's Your Top 10?

Hey folks!

We're doing a fun thing here with Champions that I can't quite talk about yet, but I need your help. Respond to this post, and let us know your top ten:

1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online
2. Villains in Champions
3. NPCs in Champions
4. Costumes in Champions


  • nacito#6758 nacito Posts: 896 Arc User
    costumes? costume pieces? costumes from us? costumes from someone else that we found cool?
    Just another reptile lover, known in game as @nacito
    This is a big journey, so far if you're reading this, wish you a good day
  • duratokgorehowlduratokgorehowl Posts: 52 Arc User
    edited July 2019
    I'm unsure if you meant to post a list of 10 items, or you want 10 in each category, so I'll just try to do the latter.

    Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    1. 'Champions Online' is where I really got into the 'RP' part of MMORPG.
    2. Realizing that the costume creator was the most in-depth one that I've ever seen.
    3. Winning the dev-run costume contest and getting my character, Duratok Gorehowl, put into the game.
    4. Going to the studio for a tour, and writing/recording the lines for Duratok.
    5. Watching the Duratok sidekick trailer for the first time and showing it to my family.
    6. Finding out that Duratok was going to be a boss in the Forum Malvanum encounter and being asked to write/VO his dialogue.
    7. Getting the Duratok action figure.
    8. I've made friends in this game that I've had for close to 10 years, and we've traveled from game to game with each other.
    9. Coming back to the game years later and finding that it's still alive, and finding a new group of friends very quickly.
    10. X

    Villains in Champions
    In no particular order...
    1. The REAL Dr. Destroyer
    2. The Red Winter team
    3. Qeyjibo
    4. Grond
    5. Teleiosaurus
    6. Therakiel
    7. Baron Cimetiere
    8. Sweetland
    9. Hi Pan
    10. Mechanon

    NPCs in Champions
    1. Duratok Gorehowl (SURPRISE, right?)
    2. Ironclad
    3. Dr. Ka
    4. Tateklys
    5. Joe Martini
    6. Defender Cosplayer AKA Collectors Store Guy
    7. Black Mask
    8. X
    9. X
    10. X

    Costumes in Champions
    In no particular order...
    1. Roin'esh set
    2. Strange Deity set
    3. Beast Heads pack
    4. Horror Creatures pack
    5. Iron Age set
    6. Sci-Fi Soldier set
    7. King Sekhen set
    8. Toxic Steel Set
    9. Alien Hybrid (if only it was completed...)
    10. Blockbuster set


    Posting, I'll edit it and finish it soon. Just don't wanna lose all of this.
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  • shortbus#4297 shortbus Posts: 99 Arc User
    edited August 2019
    My Top 10
    1. Moment: Going Steady Ceremony for Shortbus and Piffle <3 ( )
    2. Moment: way back in September 2016 when I asked Mad Vyking of Paragon Dawn and Dawn Radio if he would like to cover our Defenders of the Galaxy Costume Contests. ( http://www.paragondawn.com/dawnradio )
    3. Costume: Anything made by [email protected] (I might be biased) ;)
    4. Villain: Old Man Steve (the nemesis of Old Man Bobb).
    5. Moment: Getting the defeat Eidolon 50 time perk.
    6. Villain: Dr Destroyer in Resistance
    7. Costumes: the amazing things made by [email protected]
    8. Villain: Lord Dark Shadow Fuzzbutt, the nemesis of Captain Theodore Shorticus.
    9. NPC: The robot cowgirl that wants Alimony.
    10. Villain: Foxb *** HAIL MECHANON***
    NPC: Lug the floating bear in the Canadian Crisis. "We're not in Kansas any more!" =) I want more to do with this bear. Perks! A quest! Permanent Sidekick! We even included him in the Dawn Radio "Stan and Lou" The Canadian Crisis Lost Episode. This bear is floating around, witnessing the rise of Kigatillik and is just so chill. B)
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  • historiphilehistoriphile Posts: 60 Arc User
    Hey folks!

    We're doing a fun thing here with Champions that I can't quite talk about yet, but I need your help. Respond to this post, and let us know your top ten:

    1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    2. Villains in Champions
    3. NPCs in Champions
    4. Costumes in Champions

    Memorable Moments
    1. Grinding 5,000 kills of each VB faction to earn a dance emote
    2. Firing Ironclad out of a cannon into the Qu'larr ship
    3. Busting up the meeting of Westside's gang leaders
    4. The sense of awe and dread when you first behold the Apocalypse in Vibora Bay
    5. Freefalling from the highest points of Rennaissance Center
    6. Champions Noir
    7. Going on a Grond hunt in the desert
    8. Getting shrunk to fight in the diorama at the museum
    9. Walking around in someone's brains for the Steel Crusade arc
    10. Facing a giant Mechanon in the city during Anniversary
    11. Fighting in Sky Command (I want that airship as a hideout!)

    Villains in Champions (in no particular order)
    1. Menton
    2. Mechanon
    3. Green Dragon
    4. Therakiel
    5. Leech
    6. PSImon
    7. Bleak Harbinger
    8. Takofanes
    9. Valerian Scarlet
    10. Gravitar

    NPCs in Champions (in no particular order)
    1. Giant Brain
    2. Black Mask
    3. Dr. Silverback
    4. Ravenspeaker
    5. Golden Seraph
    6. Kodiak
    7. Ladyhawke
    8. Witchcraft
    9. Sapphire
    10. Collector (Defender Cosplayer)

    Costumes in Champions (gonna assume you mean complete themed sets?)
    1. Leech
    2. Defender 2015 (especially the blue one in promo stuff from its release)
    3. Invisible weapons
    4. Radical set
    5. Blockbuster set
    6. Space Scoundrel set
    7. Tactical armor
    8. Strange Deity set
    9. Silver Age tights (from FoxBatCon?)
    10. Mechanon
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,112 Arc User
    Hey folks!

    We're doing a fun thing here with Champions that I can't quite talk about yet, but I need your help. Respond to this post, and let us know your top ten:

    1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    2. Villains in Champions
    3. NPCs in Champions
    4. Costumes in Champions

    With "Villains" and "NPCs," do you mean just who's appeared in Champions Online, or from the whole IP?
  • thistleswift1thistleswift1 Posts: 219 Arc User
    10. Moment/Event: Winning my first cc waaaaay long time ago when they used to be held in lots of places,like outside the Champion's HQ or in City Hall. Costume is a bit old, but still cute.
    9. NPC: Burt Jackson. He cracks me up.
    8. Moment/Event: Sky Races !! My favorite event!
    7. Moment/Event & Villains: Nemcon runs, great seeing everyone's nemesis (some are awesome serious, some just crack me up).
    6. Villian: old Kevin Poe (the one with the vest and tie, new one just doesn't fit the part for me)
    5. Moment/Event: Resistance (especially piloting the Mega Destroids)
    4. Costumes? (close enough): all the dance emotes.
    3. Villain: Mechanon (fun to blame him when we have maintenance, snr's or dc's)
    2. Moment/Event & Costumes: Running our weekly costume contest. We get to see ALL the costumes and have fun doing it. I like to think it also brings us together as both a SG and as part of the overall game community.
    1. (doesn't fit a category) The creative community, especially the costume crowd and the Dawn Radio peeps. Over the years, i have seen the most awesome costumes, especially by such creative costumers as @shortbus, @downside, @prototype and @glassrose to name a few, there are many (many!) others that impress me every week. As for the Dawn Radio crowd, they bring the game to life in ways that amaze me every time, from the songs of Spellbinder/Eben Brooks to the stories/skits/dramas of Mad Vyking and Shortbus (and others too numerous to name). They add a dimension to the game and make it ~alive~.
  • top 10 NPCs

    1. black fang
    2. white wolf

    that's pretty much it, since those are the only werewolf NPCs in the game​​
    RIP Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks & Calvin Munerlyn



    A normie goes "Oh, what's this?"
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  • flunkydave#9348 flunkydave Posts: 19 Arc User
    edited July 2019
    My Villain top 10:

    1. Black Talon
    2. Ripper
    3. Teleios
    4. Therakiel
    5. Valerian Scarlet
    6. Kevin Poe
    7. Those Qliphoth... things
    8. That one guy sitting somewhere in a Purple Gang mission
    9. Dr. Destroyer
    10. My Nemesis?

    My most memorable moments, though, to me personally, is when you guys brought out the first batch of Becomes, and when I discovered Power Replacers(when crafting was still a thing). When they were brought out, I was about... 11 years old? And when my friend told me that: "Dude, there are these new devices on the store that make you transform into something really cool", I needed to have one of them. Ever since then I've been collecting them as they have constantly brought me variety and fun among me and my friends(but buff them please). The same thing applies to power replacers, although those are long lost now. :(
  • roguedw331roguedw331 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Confusion is high on this, but I'll wing it.

    Top Ten Moments:
    1. Becoming best friends with my worst enemy. (Literally, we couldn't stand each other and now we've been friends for 7-8 years now.)
    2. Becoming friends with so many other players.
    3. The first character created and taking that first step...or flight... either or. lol.
    4. Finally getting that one costume piece after hours of farming. :s
    5. Getting the Loft Hideout and enjoying that Hot Tub. B)
    6. Jumping off the highest building. (Seriously had people question my sanity after the 5th time.)
    7. Getting the Skull Aura. (Cause having a skull float around you is like the best thing in life, jus sayin.)
    8. When character creation got it's update. (Finally can wear specific gloves with a specific jacket.)
    9. Helping a new player for the first time. It's a very rewarding feeling to help others. :)
    10. Getting insulted because of a torn dress. (Sorry, but it was funny.)

    Top Ten Villains:
    1. Nemesis (Would love to see more done with this.)
    2. Talisman
    3. Gravitar
    4. Rakshasa
    5. Zoe Loft
    6. Brain Drain
    7. Foxbat
    8. Mind Slayer
    9. Doctor Destroyer
    10. Cybermind

    Top Ten NPC's:
    1. Witchcraft
    2. Dr. Silverback
    3. Kinetik
    4. Rob Mahogany
    6. Defender
    7. Ladyhawke
    8. Sapphire
    9. Nighthawk
    10. Juryrig

    Top Ten Costumes:
    1. Scion Costume Set
    2. Golden Age Set
    3. Dark Ages Fantasy Set
    4. Heroic Formal Set
    5. Pharaonic Master Set
    6. Arabian Nights Set
    7. Trey Kings Set
    8. Iron Ages Set
    9. Wizard and Witch Set
    10. Aquatic Set
  • tenebriswolftenebriswolf Posts: 53 Arc User
    edited July 2019
    Alright, let's do it and pretend that it has nothing to do with the 10th anniversary.

    Top 10 Moments in Champions Online
    1. The passing of Sayako : she was my most popular RP character and when I decided to give her a proper sendoff, we had this RP event with her friends and a little ceremony in the Japanese gardens in Downtown, with the Defenders of the Galaxy and Dawn Radio, playing music before her departure to the other side. It was kind of emotional and bittersweet.
    2. the Christmas Dev CC : Sayako was one of the winners as "spirit of Christmas" and all of her friends cheered when her name was announced, I kept the logs, it still makes me smile. Or as she said herself : "it wash the besht day evel !"
    3. When I got my Lifetime subscription, only a few days after I started to play, and created my first freeforms.
    4. The Multifarian Invasion : it's another RP event that we made with the folks of Dawn Radio, for one week, our Multifarian counterparts took over the radio while "we" were trapped on the other side.
    5. Dawncon III : Dawncon is the in-game event made by Paragon Dawn during the week of SDCC. The third edition was two years ago and it was the first time I had the chance to speak on air with the rest of the group. I joined them as a DJ myself a few months later. Side note : Dawncon V is this week !
    6. The first time I got a character to lv40, I guess... Can't remember when and who, though.
    7. Stan Lee's passing and the many tributes in the game.
    8. Everytime we have something new in the game, mostly missions. That makes me hope that we can still explore this game and bring fresh blood. Make it happen more often !
    9. Defeating Therakiel.
    10. Vibora Bay Apocalypse.

    Top 10 Villains
    1. Mechanon
    2. Dr Destroyer
    3. Therakiel
    4. Shadow Destroyer
    5. Takofanes
    6. Necrull
    7. Black Harlequin
    8. Mechassassin
    9. Cyberlord.
    10. The Kings Of Edom

    Top 10 NPCs
    1. Sammie, the little girl in Vibora Bay who wants her dolls back.
    2. Cpt Martin, the guy in charge of Nemesises.
    3. Dr Silverback.
    4. Golden Seraph.
    5. Rob Mahogany.
    6. Nighthawk.
    7. Defender.
    8. Dr Ka.
    9. DJ Thanatos, in the Minefield Club.
    10. Witchcraft.

    Top 10 Costumes
    1. Psionic Dragon.
    2. Sci-Fi Soldier.
    3. 90s Hero.
    4. Strange Deity.
    5. Rockstar.
    6. Serpent Lantern.
    7. Art Deco.
    8. Classic Heroic Tights.
    9. Oni Slayer.
    10. Dark Fantasy Armor.

    And I'm gonna add my own category even though it won't count :

    Top 10 Player Characters
    1. Grazzlesnorf
    2. Old Man Bobb
    3. Thundrax
    4. Piffle
    5. Vexx (who is not a mountain nor a doggo)
    6. Alto Mk-7 v2
    7. Captain Theodore Shorticus
    8. Chevalier
    9. Duratok Gorehowl
    10. Caliga
    Mordykus on Dawn Radio
    Every week for Metal Thursday 3pm EST
  • gentlegiantvexxgentlegiantvexx Posts: 308 Community Moderator
    - Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    1. When the Cosmics first came out and everyone had to work together to defeat them blindly.
    2. The Sorcery Revamp, made me realize that practically anything can work if built properly.
    3. Successfully tanking 4 Colossi and over 100+ mobs at once in resistance as tank training.
    4. The Eidolon PTS Dev Event and it's release of the QWZ
    5. Kaiserin becoming a Dev
    6. Additional gear added to further endgame capabilities.
    7. My First event being Bloodmoon
    8. The Christmas gift of a freeform back in Nov 2015
    9. The Dev Costume Contests and defeating each other and fighting Teliosaurus, Megalodon, and Ape at once.
    10. Seeing Miniaturization Drive and Super Magnifiers grow players, which allowed Vexx to be made as close as possible!

    - Villains in Champions
    1. Shadow Destroyer
    2. Baron Cemetere
    3. Black Fang
    4. Therakiel
    5. Ripper
    6. Mind Slayer
    7. Cyber Mind
    8. Mechanon
    9. Zoe Loft
    10. My Nemesis

    - NPCs in Champions

    >>Hasn't gone through the story yet, will update later.<<

    - Costumes in Champions
    1. Variety Pack
    2. Beast Heads Pack
    3. Reactor Set
    4. Spartan Set
    5. Furry Pack(s)
    6. Corrosive Set
    7. Radical Set
    8. Blockbuster Set
    9. Earth Monster Set
    10. Halloween Pack
  • wingedkagoutiwingedkagouti Posts: 514 Arc User
    Memorable Moments:
    1. Getting the Foam finger on a randomized costume in Alpha, being told it wasn't supposed to be avaialable as a player costume (but getting to keep it for the Alpha), then finally getting it as an unlockable costume years later.
    2. Fighting Grondbat in the desert (at the end of Alpha).
    3. Seeing the change from the Alpha to release UI and the later updates to it (how many of you remember the character select screen before it was hexagon portraits?).
    4. The End of Beta Mega-Destroid invasion.
    5. The pre-launch Qularr invasion.
    6. Taking on my first Nemesis and figuring out how that system worked as a whole.
    7. First trip to Vibora Bay, both the Apocalypse and the zone itself.
    8. Fighting Therakiel.
    9. Seeing the tutorial evolve and change to accomodate when and how the non-MC zones were introduced.
    10. Getting my first emoting action figure (Metal Man) and later getting the Therakiel action figure with both emoting and voice lines.
  • sannia1sannia1 Posts: 84 Arc User
    Hmmm....are you asking about ingame things in the default storyline or community driven/roleplay things?

    I know I'm reading into this but I'm interpreting the question as "Top 10 things Cryptic should put in an advertisement for Champions Online."

    My thoughts are 'campy voice acting'

    1) The intro cutscene for Fire and Ice
    2) Anything with Cybermind
    3) The faceoff between Destroyer and Shadow Destroyer in Resistance
    4) The desert disaster where Gigaton tries to bury you under 100 tons of radioactive rubble.
    5) Gravitar Rampage, gameplay
    6) Kevin Poe's dialog in Purple Reign
    7) Red Winter coming out and telling you they hacked the entire defense network
    8) Andrithal boss fight
    9) When Shadow Destroyer shows up in VB Apocalypse
    10) When you confront Menton in Stronghold

  • jonsillsjonsills Posts: 6,314 Arc User
    Can't bring myself to do the entire list, but my favorite moments in Champions are mostly accidental. For instance, there was the time I'd just run Talos Takedown and needed to return to Kodiak. I was still in disguise, and jumped on the Fire Ant that toon had inherited from another; turns out that when you're wearing the Purple Gang disguise, it renders vehicles invisible, so here I was scooting through the air unsupported, hunched over, with flames coming out of my butt. I wrote it off as a side effect of the RenCen BeanFest.

    My favorite scripted moment was probably watching Grond beating up NPCs in the Desert; as he hopped away, he intoned, "You as uninteresting as rival MMO. Grond leave now."
    "Science teaches us to expect -- demand -- more than just eerie mysteries. What use is a puzzle that can't be solved? Patience is fine, but I'm not going to stop asking the universe to make sense!"

    - David Brin, "Those Eyes"
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  • nxclass13nxclass13 Posts: 19 Arc User
    > 1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online

    For me those moments were the costume contests. Was the first time I had ever seen something like that in an mmo and it blew me away. I remember there being one outside champs hq and me and my friend made child versions of Harmon and Shadow Destroyer and dropped into the middle of the cc for a battle for the playground. It was fun!
    > 2. Villains in Champions
    Nemesis (I love that we can make our own Nemesis...would love to see much more done with that) and Kevin Poe...so underrated and such a good background story to him.
    > 3. NPCs in Champions
    Bert Jackson cracks me up. XD
    > 4. Costumes in Champions
    I love alot of the 80s and 90s tights sets...that's the era of comics I grew up in. Love capes and add one that flow too.

    My .02 <3
  • mordray001mordray001 Posts: 218 Arc User
    Top x Moments
    1. Resistance... Loved that mission set for the first time. Realizing that to save one world I may well have doomed another.
    2. My first time tanking... Well pinballing because Ego is not a good choice for that... and my block reflex sucks.
    3. My first freeform character... They were such a barely functional mess, but they were mine.
    X. My current freeform.

    Top x Villains
    1. Bluejay
    2. Viper X
    3. Kevin Poe
    4. Doctor Destroyer
    5. Shadow Destroyer
    6. Talisman

    Top x NPCs
    1. Witchcraft
    2. Black Mask
    3. Sapphire
    4. Nighthawk
  • bluhmanbluhman Posts: 2,408 Arc User
    Hey folks!

    We're doing a fun thing here with Champions that I can't quite talk about yet, but I need your help. Respond to this post, and let us know your top ten:

    1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    2. Villains in Champions
    3. NPCs in Champions
    4. Costumes in Champions

    10. Using /movementreset to walk around while dead. Best bug imo.
    9. Beholding my first nemesis burst through a wall
    8. Social stuff in front of the Blimp building, instead of in front of defender
    7. Discovering how Energy Builders worked, and how Blocking worked.
    6. Fighting Andrith and his LEMURIAN SORCEREEEEY.
    5. OV Massacres in front of Little Italy in West Side.
    4. Doing the Vibora content
    3. Costume contests in front of the Champions HQ
    2. My first Nemcon run
    1. Completing the original Desert Crisis back in 2010

    10. Cybermind.
    9. Duratok the invincible body-renderer
    8. Lapiz Lazuli and her tendency to be very pissed
    7. Therakiel
    6. Ao'qephoth and the broken regeneration he had for ages
    5. Teleios
    4. Dr. Destroyer
    3. Master Villain Default, the perfect pacifist
    2. Hi-Pan, and his politically-incorrect accent
    1. Tachyon, for the 1 month he was the boss you fought in the Psi-Bomb finale

    10. Witchcraft
    9. Duke Nukem Jogger
    8. Any civilian who is generated with the name "Wm". What kind of name is Wm?
    7. Juryrig, only because his voice is awful
    6. Redsnake, only because his voice is even more awful
    5. The Demon Key
    4. Caliburn
    3. Justiciar
    2. That Defender Fanboy who is still the most baffling parody of a cosplayer to include in an MMO considering the target audience
    1. The Griz, and how he says WON"T.

    10. Googly eye glasses
    9. Overalls
    8. Archer set
    7. Magical Unicorn Set
    6. Kabuki Hair
    5. Party Animal Heads
    4. Traffic Cone Helmet
    3. Animal Emblems
    2. Mecha Armor and its textures that match literally nothing else.
    1. Variable Robot
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  • englishdamselenglishdamsel Posts: 11 Arc User
    Memorable Moments
    1. Completing the Stolen Kisses perk
    2. Rescuing Reggie in the tutorial
    3. The early Vibora arc up to learning the truth about Valerian Scarlet
    4. Foxbat and Sapphire's wedding
    5. Sapphire's anniversary song
    6. Fighting Takofanes during Blood Moon
    7. That time there were two Defenders in Ren Center
    8. Bunker Buster
    9. The first time I did Blood Moon, logging out in a crypt and logging back in to die instantly to a swarm of Turakians
    10. Finally getting the Slime Skin aura back when you had to get it as a random drop

    1. Hi-Pan
    2. Demoiselle Nocturne
    3. Mindslayer
    4. Valerian Scarlet
    5. Lapis Lazuli
    6. Talisman
    7. Takofanes
    8. Gravitar
    9. Foxbat
    10. Cybermind

    1. Sapphire
    2. Reggie
    3. Anniversary showgirls
    4. Trick or treater witch
    5. Christine Hewitt
    6. Caliburn
    7. Black Mask
    8. Witchcraft
    9. The goth girl with bangs
    10. Anthropology Professor from the Nemesis storyline

    1. Vintage Toy
    2. Glass Slippers
    3. Heroic Formal
    4. Gravitar
    5. Krampus Switch
    6. Arabian Nights
    7. Aztec Headdress
    8. Inmate
    9. Shoulder Kitten
    10. Witch Hat (even if it still clips with every hairstyle)
  • theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,805 Arc User
    Hey folks!

    We're doing a fun thing here with Champions that I can't quite talk about yet, but I need your help. Respond to this post, and let us know your top ten:

    1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    2. Villains in Champions
    3. NPCs in Champions
    4. Costumes in Champions

    Memorable Moments in Champions Online

    1. Creating my main character and fashioning her into who she is today
    2. Running Whiteout for the very first time with the sinister music playing...oh lord...
    3. Learning how blocking works and that it was a thing which was possible in CO.
    4. Watching Psimon wipe out four Might DPS players who used Unleashed Rage in a Burst Alert just as he popped Psionic Reflective Shielding and then turning to me, I laughed so hard.
    5. Experiencing Force Cascade post Beta by being knocked clear off the top of the tallest building in Ren Cen.
    6. Utilizing a -100% defense device on self and then running into one of Gravitar's Yellow Bubbles (I was the last one left, it was a lost cause). I took 901k damage and flew SO far.
    7. Whilst I was a Silver Player, dueling a Glacier AT as an Impulse AT to a standstill where the duel bubble timed out.
    8. Wiping out waves of players with a few friends when Onslaught first launched, I particularly enjoyed using Medusa. I made enough kills and tokens within the first week to gain tokens for three pieces of gear on two characters. People learned to avoid me on Medusa after that...Gravitar too...(particularly when running with Cyrone for Gravitar)
    9. Winning a costume contest with my main and getting free artwork from players :smile:
    10. Hosting my own 'Cosmic Keys Event' for two/three years and seeing the engagement from the community.

    Villains in Champions

    1. Demoiselle Nocturne
    2. Menton
    3. Mind Slayer
    4. Courtney Olmacher
    5. Psimon
    6. Gravitar
    7. Real Doctor Destroyer
    8. Baron Cimitiere
    9. Psion The Psinister (My OC nemesis)
    10. Captain Claw

    NPC's in Champions

    1. Indestructible Civilians
    2. Evan Fox
    3. Adina Munroe
    4. Sapphire
    5. Juryrig
    6. Ravenspeaker
    7. MicroMan
    8. Justiciar
    9. Ironclad
    10. Trader Jack

    Costumes in Champions

    1. Aquatic Set
    2. Scion Set
    3. Reactor Set
    4. Ancient Armor Set
    5. Heroic Formal & Casual wear sets
    6. All the new hairs we've had
    7. Radical Set
    8. Strange Deity Set
    9. Emily Lovett's top (Which we still don't have!!!!!!)
    10. Wizards Set
  • deadman20deadman20 Posts: 1,528 Arc User
    Memorable Moments
    1. My First Freeform.
    2. Discovering Grond was visually stuck as a teddy bear as he continued his rampage in the Desert.
    3. Development of my roster over time.
    4. Becoming Self-Proclaimed "Best Hybrid."
    5. Resistance's Finale. Played both normally, and without using the Mega-Destroids.
    6. The Tailor Expansion.
    7. Mass-giveaways of Modded Gear for a couple of holiday seasons.
    8. Every "Last Man Standing" scenario I should not have overcome, but did anyway.
    9. 15-minute UNITY 1 rushes.
    10. Public Testing of Onslaught Supervillains.

    1. Master Villain Default.
    2. Black Harlequin, for "No, no! You've ruined everything!"
    3. Valerian Scarlet and the curious case of the nuclear toaster.
    4. Baron Cimitiere, for letting me have the opportunity to remind teammates that Blocking is a mechanic.
    5. Warlord, for never dropping a single Depleted Uranium Core.
    6. The Nemesis for being our adoring fans.
    7. Menton, even though he's wimpy.
    8. Duratok and Ironclad, for ruining many a Forum Malvanum.
    9. Crowns of Kriminally Underused.
    10. Clone Biselle.

    Costume Sets
    1. Amazon Armor
    2. Oni Slayer
    3. Classic Heroic Tights/New Millennium Tights
    4. Strange Deity
    5. Arcane Mage
    6. Party Animal/Animal Pack
    7. Victorian
    8. Archer
    9. Krampus
    10. Space Scoundrel​​
    Steam Guide to Modifications and Equipment (Champions Online) - DZPlayer's Builds (Last updated: 3/26/2018)
    And I will always be @DZPlayer122.

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  • qawsadaqawsada Posts: 714 Arc User
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    I'm not going to list much because I'm lazy.

    Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    1. When I got my 150th alt level to 40
    2. When Eido revamp was killed
    3. When I was able to CC Kiga solo for the first time
    4. When a DUC drop for me for the first time

    Villains in Champions
    Shadow Destroyer is the only villain I would bother consider a villain since he is made to antagonize the Player Character. It was great that he became the final boss in his Eidolon of Destruction form.

    Costumes in Champions
    1. Party Animal because of all the animal head choice with compatible hairs
    2. Animal Pack because its my main source to make my Burmecian characters. Its another source for all the animal parts
    3. The Avian Warrior because birb parts
    4. Puppy ears/wolf ears from the events because its require to make decent dogs
    5. Raptor heads because they're all dinos
  • nbkxsnbkxs Posts: 712 Arc User
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    My top 10 memorables.

    1. The many squeals of mousie during a paid, ape assassination operation.
    2. Grav gold bubbled tank, turned to the right to see the kamokamis immediately evaporated into the ceiling to a very loud JFC!
    3. Bling saying please stop, I give up during a yeeting operation 1 v 1 during ape.
    4. Handing firewings amazing leapers to my good mate Salmi during Forum Cutscenum.
    5. Fantagruel saying UGH! When will this be fixed: mega yeeting from TA grav bubble vfx mismatch.
    6. Kamokamis rolling around on the Mm mm arugh yeah to a square in Cybermind very late; died; 'I forgot'.
    7. Cat in TA: Me: Don't Mend to Mend. Battle starts instant Mend, her: I mended.
    8. Healer died at Kiga, Waybig dying shortly after as a tank in giant form, and slowly shrinking back out of view as he fell over.
    9. Kamokamis chatting at Kiga as CC, dogs come to eat everyone a few minutes later; 'I forgot'!
    10. Kamokamis getting DC/crash in Red winter; returning to a fail: WHAT IS THIS GREEN MUSHROOM CLOUD?!?
    11. I had to come back for 11; Mega inside the museum; mass panic ensuing.
    12. 12 too; just too good not to. Come to tiger, I'll show you something! That was really impressive, glad you showed me that!

    #13. Someone called something to my attention; cannot forget: IT DID WENT PRETTY WELL!

    Villains? Hmmm.

    1. WZ Destroyer
    2. Baron; that reflect!
    4. Cybermind taunting: GRANDMA!
    5. TA Medusa: Who grabbed 3 skeeballs? HEY GUYS! THERE'S A BOMB OVER HERE!
    6. TA Grav: reference something above.
    7. Firewing: share the warmth
    8. Mechanon: 'why do you hate jesus?!'
    9. Monolith
    10. Drago

    NPCs? Hmmmm.

    1. The cooking folks over @ brain missions.
    2. I think I hate every, single, other one.
    3-10. Not applicable.


    1. Anything from jedaithe
    2. Anything from rax
    3. Anything from kingmeister
    4. Anything from ethnargy

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  • chaosdrgnz43chaosdrgnz43 Posts: 1,672 Arc User
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    This is a quite broad. Do you mean top ten for each?

    Memorable Moments
    1) Growth Nerf Change (Oh, Personal Magnifiers, will you forever be sealed in the depth of PTS?)
    2) Gold Subscription Change
    3) Powerhues for silvers
    4) Heavy weapons revamp
    5) Wardicator Fix
    6) Ego Surge Fix
    7) Cosmic Revamp
    8) Creepy Hunting
    9) Eidolon/QWZ
    10) Megilaodon after Halloween Dev CC

    1) Black Fang. (Not world-threatening but really cares about his pack and he also pays his dues. A true bro pack leader!)
    2) My Nemesis
    3) The Roin'esh. (I'm a big fan of symbiotes. These aliens seem to be enslaved tho. Kinda feel sympathetic for them.)
    4) Teleios
    5) White Wolf
    6) Therakiel
    7) Valerian Scarlet
    8) Gravitar
    9) Kevin Poe
    10) Qwyjibo (Poor ape..)

    1) Witchcraft. (Double XP Momma)
    2) Defender (Trapping miscreants between us since 2010)
    3) Hotdog Vendor (Secret Superhero Unlock!)
    4) Black Fang (Honestly, Dogz as a whole. Wolf pack ftw!)
    5) Houngan (Those gator brutes are Mmmm!)
    6) Teleiosaurus (Love her little roars)
    7) Ironclad
    8) Griswold in Multifaria
    9) White Wolf
    10) Lt. Irwin Patil

    1) Bestial Heads
    2) Blockbuster
    3) Rave
    4) Oni Slayer
    5) The hairstyle packs
    6) Dogz Tank top
    7) Amazon
    8) Buccaneer
    9) Lemurian Armor
    10) Gladiator Shoulder Pads 2 (The unlockable in Nem vendor)
    Lord Sans (Full Healer FF)/Axel Leonard (Crowd Controller/Off-Tank)
    - - - - - -
    Feel free to visit my websites!^^:
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,908 Arc User
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    1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    1.1 Tanking an alert at level 12 after 3 of the players left.
    1.2 first time getting a prize in a Costume Contest.
    1.3 soloing the old Telios tower
    1.4 finishing the Cybermind Alert after my team died in the Probes phase.

    2. Villains in Champions
    2.1 Destroyer
    2.2 GRAB
    2.3 Tateklys
    2.4 Socrates

    3. NPCs in Champions
    3.1 Sapphire
    3.2 Charm
    3.3 Destroyer
    3.4 Cyberlord

    4. Costumes in Champions
    4.1 Anniv sparkly tux
    4.2 Sapphire's outfit
    4.3 Gravitar's outift
    4.4 Destroyer's outfit
    4.5 Shadow D's outfit
    4.6 Valerian Scarlet's outfit
    4.7 Martial artist outfit
    4.8 Foxbat outfits
    4.9 Some of the Takofanes stuff
    4.10 the western outfits

    I'll have to finish later.
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  • xskulllopsxxskulllopsx Posts: 14 Arc User
    1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    1.1 just one the lore

    2. Villains in Champions
    2.1 Dr.Destroyer
    2.2 Taipan
    2.3 Ankylosaur
    2.4 Supreme Serpent
    2.5 Cybermind
    2.6 Bronze King
    2.7 The Brain Trust
    2.8 Mechanon
    2.9 Black harlequin
    2.10 Nemesis

    3. NPCs in Champions
    3.1 Dr.Destroyer
    3.2 Black Mask
    3.3 Microman
    3.4 Dr.Silverback
    3.5 Sapphire
    3.6 Caliburn
    3.7 Vanguard
    3.8 Defender
    3.9 Nighthawk
    3.10 Redsnake

    4. Costumes in Champions
    4.1 Dr.Destroyer costume
    4.2 Defender 2015
    4.3 Foxbat 90s
    4.4 Project Clockwork costume
    4.5 Dr.ka
    4.6 Nighthawk
    4.7 Legacy Power armor costume
    4.8 Holoforce
    4.9 Psionic Dragon
    4.10 Space Scoundrel​​
  • sergeantmahoff1sergeantmahoff1 Posts: 120 Arc User
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    Memorable moments in no particular order (Just kidding 1= most memorable.)

    1. Meeting one of my best and closest friends ever @jedaithe
    2. Meeting my son-- I mean friend @shadowolf505
    3. Getting into the last supergroup (Spectre) I joined.
    4. All the hours (And there were a lot.) spent playing AT PvP. (I still wish the queue requirements could be reduced heavily. They need it.)
    5. when large kneepads finally dropped during the april fool's event
    6. Actually being the reason the dab emote happened. (to a lot of people's dismay.)
    7. Finding out that keybinds can be set up to have an emote with a targeted message, thus allowing me to dab on literally all of the haters.
    8. Learning how to tank properly and deciding other people should be doing it too.
    9. Successfully tanking my first Teleiosaurus. (I died right on the final bite from her. I still screamed with both joy and fear because I thought we lost because of it. But then she died right as I did.)
    10. When people started calling me dad for some reason.


    1.Dead Man Walkin'
    2. Warlord
    3. Kevin Poe
    4. Mind Slayer
    5. (Ma)Demoiselle Nocturne
    6. Rid Len (only for the name)


    1. Machinist
    2. Machinist
    3. Machinist
    4. Machinist
    5. Machinist
    6. Machinist
    7. Machinist
    8. Machinist
    9. Machinist
    10. Machinist

    I really like Machinist.


    1. Cyberpunk
    2. Steel Shadow
    3. Reactor
    4. Blockbuster
    5. Project Clockwork
    6. Golden Age
    7. Urban Anime
    8. Sci-fi Soldier
    9. Cybernetic
    10. Futuristic
    11. There's like a heck ton more but 10 is 10.
  • shadowolf505shadowolf505 Posts: 663 Arc User
    Aha, I am your so- friend Mahoff.

    Memorable Moments
    1. Starting to play the game back in 2015 (by mistake lol).
    2. Getting my first taste of Gold subscription in April of that same year.
    3. Gaining some friends (including @sergeantmahoff1 & @gentlegiantvexx for example).
    4. Making an actual viable Freeform instead of a terrible rando build that worked.
    5. Deciding to make my main character Omni-Star.
    6. Playing other roles of Healer, Crowd Control, DPS (Ranged & Melee).
    7. Playing Cosmics in Endgame.
    8. Joining a Supergroup for RP (The Order of Justice).
    9. Finishing my first Adventure Pack on my own with an AT (Resistance).
    10. Finally learning how to make proper characters (again, thanks to @sergeantmahoff1 )

    Villains (Don't know alot but off the top of my head)
    1. Shadow Destroyer
    2. Kigatillik
    3. Teleiosaurus
    4. Qwyjibo
    5. Medusa
    6. Psimon
    7. Mindslayer
    8. Jack Fool
    9. Green Dragon
    10. Warlord

    1. Defender
    2. Witchcraft
    3. Kinetik
    4. Ironclad
    5. Doctor Silverback
    6. Therakiel
    7. Dead Man Walkin'
    8. Slug
    9. Oub
    10. Sapphire

    1. Space Scoundrel
    2. Urban Anime
    3. Sci-fi Soldier
    4. Reactor
    5. Project Clockwork
    6. Blockbuster
    7. Scion
    8. Blazing
    9. Golden Age
    10. Cybernetic
    Link to my build thread on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1346940077
    Broken parser test here: https://gyazo.com/25ccc5aaa2f98523d217ffe0c07e1dbb
    @shadowolf505 in game, same on the forums too.
  • fermifermi Posts: 117 Arc User
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    Actually, a lot of my biggest Champions Online moments didn't happen IN Champions online.

    For example, I remember when it was first launching, watching (and playing) the demos at the PAX convention, and then going to the party Cryptic threw afterward:
    Greetings all PAX attendees,

    Villains from all over the universe are planning on invading PAX! Cryptic Studios and Champions Online need your help at the Champions Headquarters.

    So, what does that mean for you?

    Cryptic Studios is hosting a Champions Online party Friday evening at the Millenium Center -- otherwise known as the Seattle Public Library (1000 4th Ave). It's a 5-minute walk from PAX. And, really, check this place out. It is clearly a Hero HQ. The party starts at 7:00 and goes until 11:00.

    I got to meet a lot of the folks working on it (I still think of the young lady whose voice was recorded saying 'Howdy pardner!' every time I go to Snake Gulch), and they even hired a few folks to stand around in costume. They issued us secret 'ids' and I still have mine. =)

    Compared to that the 'annual' Chili Cook-off was a very low-key event. But there was still fun stories and good conversations. And Jack Emmert trying to show off his comic knowledge and his hair which he apparently sells from time to time.
    Think you're sitting on a chili recipe that'll blow away the competition? Or perhaps you just want to spend a lovely afternoon sampling delicious food and talking about videogames? Either way, if you're going to be in the California Bay Area this Sunday, September 21, stop by the Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos to hang out with Cryptic Studios and the team behind their upcoming MMO, Champions Online!

    I remember a Foxbat event shortly after launch where Cryptic actually hired people to PLAY Foxbat IN GAME. He would make quips at you while you were fighting him and you could make quips back. All told, I'm not sure it was special enough to repeat (and how many quips can you really trade in the middle of a fight anyway?), but it was certainly unique when it happened.

    In game, I had and have wild experiences even now. I STILL find flying around viscerally awesome. And it wasn't too long ago that I happened to be in the Atomic Wasteland when the big bomb went off and the whole screen was bleached green and my first 'WTF' thought was quickly followed by a 'Oh *@($! One of those things went off!' I remember one fight in Destroyer's Factory where everyone was running on all gears, firing their powers in all directions and covering each other, so sometimes a robot would sneak up on you and get blown away by a friend or a bubble would be put up just in time... I thought 'this is EXACTLY like a comic book'.

    Like others, I love Valerian Scarlet's taunts, and the awe of the apocalypse in Vibora Bay and the alien fallen angels still gets me (I know there's a jet, but I STILL refuse to leave until I go back in the time machine). Caliban, the Archmage who is likely to hang out in a sewer still makes me chuckle too. In my defense, I didn't buy Scarlet's pitch the very first time I did the arc, but I wasn't given an option to double-check her credentials. Vibora Bay as a whole feels more fleshed out and alive than a lot of the other areas; the gangs all have their style. Cemetiere is also a favourite of mine, and one of my characters claims he learned the dance step he does from a houngan who told him it was 'good juju'.

    Different characters to me have different personalities and end up connecting with different scenes and parts of the game. I recently had a tempest AT who went to the Desert hazard and came to really identify with Gigaton in a way none of the others had. 'What if the only succor I had found with my own barely-controllable powers was Destroyer?... wouldn't I be a villain too?' And I guess that's part of what keeps drawing me back. There's a lot of fuel for stories lying around here. Sometimes jumbled together, sometimes needing to be sought out. But it's here...

    I love the holoforce, psi, and glass materials and usually gobble up pieces that let me use them. Some of the weapons are fantastic and I long only for a 'present arms' emote that lets me hold one out for others to inspect so I don't have to mount them on my back. There are emotes I use to the degree that they've become part of the personality of the characters who use them (the aforementioned 'club dance' and 'at ease' for one, 'wall lean' and 'snap' for another, and so on). The travel powers themselves have a lot of character and I often wish there were more... different ways to fly, other kinds of tunneling, or perhaps even wholly different ways of getting to place to place. The vehicles are very nice in this wise... some of my characters are obsessed with the rocket horses from the Snake Gulch event, and some want huge flying tanks or the strange interstellar craft. It's unfortunate that auras don't carry over to any of the vehicles, though, because again for some of my character the aura is part of 'who they are', so they have to stay in covered vehicles.

    Still lots of fun stuff and I'm looking forward to getting more from events that I haven't gotten yet! Yay!
  • sistersiliconsistersilicon Posts: 1,687 Arc User
    All these Top Ten lists, and not one of you introduced one with “From the home office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin”, smdh.
    Choose your enemies carefully, because they will define you / Make them interesting, because in some ways they will mind you
    They're not there in the beginning, but when your story ends / Gonna last with you longer than your friends
  • magpieuk2014magpieuk2014 Posts: 1,254 Arc User
    Hey folks!

    We're doing a fun thing here with Champions that I can't quite talk about yet, but I need your help. Respond to this post, and let us know your top ten:

    1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    2. Villains in Champions
    3. NPCs in Champions
    4. Costumes in Champions

    1. VB Apocalypse / Oxygen Raged Kzash Hounds from the Sodium Cliffs of Mrentmore / The citizens of Millennium City catching on fire in Steel Crusade / Getting my first level 40 / Solo'ing the Q Zone / Fire and Ice kicking the Heroes of Millennium City up the jacksie on launch day / Denise Perkins's Vengeance Journal and the whole Slug storyline / Never finishing a single major storyline lair despite playing the game for eight years....

    2. Black Harlequin / Fire and Ice / Kevin Poe / Mechanon / Telios / Talisman / Warlord / Foxbat / Cybermind / Red Winter

    3. Dr Silverback. End of the world? NPC's spotaneously combusting? Nothing fazes the big 'ol gorilla / Lady Rocket Hawk and the entire cast of "Bunker Buster" / Defender / The Gadroon / Reggie The Cat / The ATM next to Kountry Komics / Fanboy Defender / Valerian Scarlet / Microman /

    4. Valerian Scarlet's evil costume / Nighthawk / Rave Costume Set / Holoforce Armor
  • purin1purin1 Posts: 433 Arc User
    Memorable moments:
    1. Successfully recreating a character I had in mind before playing the game - costume, powers, etc..
    2. Leveling up through PvP queues such as UTC long ago.
    3. PvP in general. Experiencing everyone's different builds and figuring out how to play against them while learning how to use my own build to its fullest extent.
    4. All of the hours spent in the Powerhouse testing different builds of my own and others.
    5. All of the hours spent in the Tailor tweaking costumes or throwing around silly ideas.
    6. Vibora Bay Apocalypse.
    7. Any open world boss that tracked DPS to see where I stacked up.
    8. Creating a PRIMUS Database page. Even if nothing much came of it, it was still a fun experience.
    9. Getting commissions done of my character(s).
    10. Meeting some great people that I've stayed in contact with for as long as 7 years now.

    1. Gravitar
    2. Grond
    3. Nemesis
    4. Cybermind
    5. Warlord
    6. Hi Pan
    7. Kevin Poe
    8. Devana Hawke
    9. Telios
    10. Foxbat
    I strive to be the strongest swordsman alive.
  • fizzex#3004 fizzex Posts: 59 Arc User
    1. Leveling Test Toon 1 to 40 without spending any points to increase skill abilities (Rank 2, etc.) or any Specializations.
    2. Doing it again with Test Toon 3.
    3. Then realizing I put TT3's Level 10 Supply Box (Crate?) in the Bank and she still has it.
    4. Completing all of the Collectable Perks on a checklist I found (probably from the Wiki)
    5. Finding the Iron Man build video on Cryptic's YouTube channel
    6. Finding the Cryptic building in-game
    7. Learning "that trick" with game mail
    8. Seeing HTML colors in a bio
    9. Seeing symbols in a bio (still need to learn that)

    1. Foxbat
    2. Any open world that have their own Perk
    3. Lynx (for her comments)
    4. Nighthawk? in the (normal) Bank mission
    5. Bluejay (for the options)
    6. Overbrain - how wonderfully snarky!
    7. In Canada, along the H-P River, there is an Animal Trainer on shore and his dog is on the ice. He chastises the dog. 50/50 which one I shoot first.
    8. Teleiosaurus (spelling?) - the open world one outside the tower wall / near the wood buildings
    9. Automated defenses that shot at me first (Anti Aircraft, Gun Turret, etc.)

    1. Nighthawk (made Nighthawkgirl as unofficial trainee)
    2. Defender (made Defendress as unofficial trainee)
    3. Witchcraft (made Witchling as unofficial trainee)
    4. Bob and Doug McKenzie + Levi and Candy (No Andrea or Catherine that I have found. Also have not found the other guy.)
    5. Hot Dog vendors
    6. Defender Fanboy (next to malfunctioning ATM)
    7. The Toy Master
    8. The Onslaught agent
    9. That there is a Charity lady

    1. Defender 2015
    2. "Partial"
    3. Squeaky Therakiel's Sword? (Device, but appears when used)
    4. (Cyber Dino)
    5. Become devices we can try to match as a costume
    6. Pumpkin head
    7. Talisman (fight is okay, costume is better)
    8. Bluejay bikini bottom
    9. Auras (generally)
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,447 Arc User
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    Top Ten Memorable Moments:

    1. First time I got to do Qliphotic Warzone Dailies and realizing I could solo them.
    2. First time CCing Kiga dogs ( mainly because I did it with a build I had had since before Cosmics were even a twinkle in Kaizerin's eye )
    2. That time Kaizerin killed me with a flaming fridge that fell out of the sky.
    3. That time Kaizerin killed me for poking her after she heroically showed up to un-glitch Ape who had wandered into the ocean.
    4. That time like five lizards got in a circle around me and all vibrated aggressively at me.
    5. The first time I saw one of Bumburgers costumes ( and the thing Nepht said as he ran past us... something along the lines of "Was that a scrotum with a horse head?" )
    6. Winning BASH that one time way back in the day on an Inferno.
    7. Getting top score at a cosmic on a pet toon.
    8. Making videos to show people that you can solo the Qliphotic Warzone Dailies on squishy toons in all sorts of cool ways.
    9. That one time I dueled Caliga and Haymakered him not just out of the duel bubble, but all the way out of that circular area in the middle of rencen and over the Powerhouse gear thingy ( and especially how salty he was afterwards ).
    10. The first time I Roomsweepered a bunch of mobs on my Behemoth shortly after I started playing the game.
  • daderganonumbersdaderganonumbers Posts: 63 Arc User
    1. Getting my first toon to level 35 and then running back and forth to the Monster Island Powerhouse because I had no ideas for a secondary travel power
    2. Buying the Premium Pack because I've never been a subscriber
    3. Converting my favourite toon from an Inferno AT to Freeform after the Fire revamp because I won't be forced to choose between Pyre and Conflagration
    4. That poor, poor explorer and his colleague in the caves on Monster Island...I can't remember their names, but (spoiler alert:) they got eaten by dinosaurs and/or Elder Worms between missions when I was trying to help them. If ever you feel like a failure as a superhero....
    5. Going back to avenge #4, over and over
    6. Creating innumerable temporary characters and doing all the Westside missions just to test out the archetypes and then deleting them because I only had the one character slot open at the time
    7. Jumping on the Blood Moon Pain Train
    8. All the cat stuff last year
    9. Every time I unlocked an archetype in an event
    10. Champions Noir! Shame it was just an April Fool's stunt.

    1. Mr Gemini
    2. Cazulon
    3. All the Elder Worms
    4. Courtney Olmacher...just kidding; I have no recollection of who that is
    5. Sapphire (she knocks my targets out of range when I'm setting up to one-shot them en masse. And then she goes back to MC and sings that awful song. Tell me she's not working for the other side!)
    6. Foxbat
    7. Takofanes
    8. Franklin Stone
    9. Bluejay
    10. Fallout. I remember after defeating him with my first toon being very disappointed that the radioactive dome wasn't repeatable.

    1. Foxbat
    2. The random saxophonist on the corner in Vibora Bay
    3. Lady Rockethawk
    4. Rockethawk
    5. Rex
    6. The black cat I got from last year's Blood Moon perk, if action figures count
    7. Bluejay
    8. The trick-or-treaters
    9. The Susceptible Grondlings...one becomes your "buddy," and then he dies, and you can't help him :'(
    10. Jeff Hill
    bluhman wrote: »
    9. Any civilian who is generated with the name "Wm". What kind of name is Wm?

    "Wm" is a traditional abbreviation for "William." Of course, that doesn't explain why the NPC's name couldn't be spelled out.
  • nacito#6758 nacito Posts: 896 Arc User
    Memorable Moments in Champions Online
    1. Me buying my first super magnifier
    2. Seeing a GM talk in zone for the first time
    3. Playing my first FF
    4. Cosmic revamp
    5. HW revamp (still needs a ton of work on this one mind you)
    6. Knowing a couple of my closest friends
    7. The first time i entered a Dev CC... and the inevitable Negalodon at the end (also appearing in a montage on YouTube)
    8. Me tanking Cosmics for the first time
    9. My first and only time i won a CC
    10. Winning confront r9 for tanking slug
    geez theres more than 10... like the time where i first tanked eidolon or... oh the dramas around the game xd unforgettable

    Villains in Champions
    1. Teleiosaurus (I still want your feet pieces >:c)
    2. Ripper
    3. Black Fang
    4. Draconis
    5. Viper-X
    6. Lemurians (the reptilian ones, not the most amphibian ones)
    7. that one nemesis minion on that one mission in MI (where the nemesis steals draysha and uses it on that minion)
    8. White Wolf
    9. Therakiel
    10. Gravitar (YOU JUST AREN'T MY TYPE *YANK*)
    again theres a couple more xd like Rhino or Grond

    NPCs in Champions
    1. Liaison Irwin, best teleport dude out there
    2. Witchcraft
    3. Sapphire (yes i do enjoy her singing thank you)
    4. Tailor guys... :P (specially the one in caprice)
    5. Karneeki the Great
    6. LT. Patil
    7. any of the bank npcs
    8. Rock vendor
    10. Defender (busy atm, no time for you)

    Costumes in Champions
    1. Beast heads
    2. Luchador set (<.<)
    3. Wired cyborg
    4. Party Animal
    5. Cyborg beast
    6. Inmate costume
    7. Raw Muscle Tights
    8. Pixel Glasses
    9. Alien hybrid tights
    10. Jet Wings
    Just another reptile lover, known in game as @nacito
    This is a big journey, so far if you're reading this, wish you a good day
  • garyuutenseigaryuutensei Posts: 1 Arc User
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    Top Ten Moments:

    10. Repeating all the voice lines.
    09. Original Crisis Zones.
    08. My first time hitting 40.
    07. Soloing The Bronze King while poorly geared.
    06. Stopping the Apocalypse.
    05. All the Easter Eggs I've found, and those I've yet to find.
    04. Nemesis Missions.
    03. Finishing Comic Series/Adventure Packs.
    02. My first Costume Contest win.
    01. Any time a theme build of mine flourishes at 40.

    Top Ten Villains:

    10. Tachyon
    09. Named Nemesis Mission Villains (Morticus, Crimson Serpent, Volta, etc)
    08. Jack Fool
    07. Talisman
    06. Gravitar
    05. Valerian Scarlet
    04. Baron Cimetiere
    03. Roin'esh (Any)
    02. Menton
    01. My Nemesis

    Top Ten NPC's:

    10. Clayton Griswold/Griz
    09. Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez
    08. Trader Jack
    07. Dr. Ka
    06. Event NPC's
    05. Papa Perrault
    04. Lt. Patil
    02. Major Rashida Kwame
    01. Adina Munroe

    Top Ten Costumes Sets:

    10. Tech Tights
    09. Tactical Armor
    08. Futuristic
    07. Reactor
    06. New Millennium Tights
    05. Cybernetic
    04. Patterned Armor
    03. Ancient Rune Armor
    02. Holoforce Armor
    01. Psionic Dragon Armor​​
  • fermifermi Posts: 117 Arc User
    naciiito wrote: »
    Rock vendor​

    OMG! How could I forget the rock vendor?! For weeks I was speculating about a whole rock society that the rock vendor came from. Or was he the last of his kind? Were we selling him back his long-lost rock comrades to rebuild his society or were we selling enemy rocks into eternal slavery? Were there rock empires hailing us as angels or demons? What if none of these were rocks at all but larval forms of something completely different? Or perhaps our minds were being manipulated to THINK they were all rocks...

    Then I decided I was thinking too much about probably irrelevant details and went back to punching guys in the face.

  • phasestarphasestar Posts: 81 Arc User
    1. Memorable Moments in Champions Online

    Too many to count, but:

    1. The starting crises and defeating them for the first time (Desert Crisis, Canadian Crisis, Kevin Poe).
    2. The Resistance and Whiteout adventures, my favorites in the game overall.
    3. First time through the Vibora Bay Apocalypse. Watching the Champions fall one by one and realizing it was coming down to just me...
    4. Fighting the miniaturized Godzilla monster in the miniature cardboard town as part of a UNITY mission. Also going on board the Rikti Mothership and teaming up with the various Champions in some of these missions.
    5. Monster Island Crisis and discovering Qwyjibo's origin as well as defeating Moreau and Rhino in Rhinoplasty for the first time.
    6. First time through the Stronghold prison lair.
    7. First time defeating each Cosmic in each role, especially the first time solo tanking each of them successfully.
    8. First successful Teleios Ascendant run and then gradually improving with each run, learning the fights and bosses, coming to really enjoy what at first seemed incredibly tough.
    9. Finding Grond's hidden stash of items from his life before he became Grond.
    10. Dr. Destroyer's Robot Factory, love that lair so much. :-)
    2. Villains in Champions

    1. Dr. Destroyer (and his android duplicate)
    2. Menton
    3. Grond
    4. GRAB
    5. Qwyjibo
    6. Teleios
    7. Brother Alamogordo and Gigaton
    8. Therakiel
    9. The Roin'esh
    10. Cyberlord
    3. NPCs in Champions

    1. The Champions
    2. Kodiak
    3. Indy Kid
    4. Justiciar
    5. Duratok Gorehowl
    6. Foxbat
    7. Black Mask
    8. Socrates
    9. Mayor Calvin Bissette
    10. Bluejay

    I'll leave the costume selections to others. Too many that I like, but will just say I most enjoy the classic hero/villain looks which Champions has aplenty.
  • squirrelloidsquirrelloid Posts: 867 Arc User
    1. Running a week long costume contest (qualifying rounds and a 'best' round) with a CTP as top prize.
    2. Costume contests on CHQ steps with like 80+ people
    3. Nemcon the first time.
    4. Therakiel's Temple the first time.
    5. Resistance the first time (in addition to the obvious highlights, getting told 'the qularr are already crazy' with the beaconizer perk)
    6. Playing hide-and-seek in MC.
    7. Before alerts, when people actually played world content - being able to find groups for lairs (or just running around doing missions) because there were people at the same story point you were.
    8. Destroying a trashcan and having an NPC run up to me and saying something like 'thanks for taking out the trash'.
    9. Back before the moonbase map had invisible walls put in around the moon surface, flying up to the sun, which was a small glowy ball.
    10. Farming rat manimals for the stormrider CTP.

    Some of these are based on voice stuff - memorable quotes are a plus.

    1. Nemesis system. This is seriously underused.
    2. Therakiel (In addition to a fun fight, his monologue at the start of the battle is pretty epic)
    3. Shadow Destroyer (esp. NemCon cutscene, old VB apoc confrontation - seems to have changed here, and Resistance)
    4. Clone Mayor
    5. Red Winter (especially with the newer voice acting for the alert - should re-record Soviet Guard for Bunker Buster).
    6. Vikorin
    7. Clarence
    8. Frosticus
    9. Foxbat
    10. Luther Black (The line 'The kings of edom are the destroyers of gods, and I... shall... be... one of them' is just perfectly voiced).

    1. Key (the demon from Demonflame).
    2. Rob Mahogany and Victoria Crownstone
    3. Mayor Biselle
    4. The children from demonflame
    5. The 'goblin king' in the center of the VB maze
    6. The disembodied brain
    7. The Rock Vendor
    8. The butterfly enthusiast in Canada

    Costumes (in no particular order, and likely incomplete)

    Long sleeves

    Invisible Weapons

    The alien gladiator pieces (that at least used to drop from nemcon), including the sword

    The old cybernetic shoulders and gloves (with the wires that glow)

    Pulp set

    Rocker set

    Holoforce set

    Fish weapons

    Ghost cowboy hat

    The red burny eyes (came out same time as the cursed/scourge pieces)

    New Shadows jacket
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