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CHAMPIONS FOUNDRY PLEASE! ( or at least some new content.)

tk6395tk6395 Posts: 1 Arc User
I'm sure none of these are new suggestions/requests, but I don't really have the time or patience to go through 500+ pages to see if they've been recommended. The main thing I would wish for in this is some new content. For example, a new location to explore (possibly increase the level cap.) STAR TREK ONLINE has the Foundry, where players can create their own missions, that can be shared with other players. I, and I'm sure many other players would love it if CHAMPIONS ONLINE had the same thing. Even with new and different types of characters, going through the same missions over and over again gets boring after a time. STO comes out with new content a couple times a year, and have greatly expanded from how it started. I know that because it's Star Trek and there is more of a fan base, even support from the makers of the tv show, there's more that can done. I'm not asking that you invest as much into CO as STO. The occasional new powers and archetypes are nice, but new experiences would be even nicer, especially if they don't REQUIRE a team of heroes to do.


  • aesicaaesica Posts: 2,511 Arc User
    Star Trek Online had the Foundry. It was shut down due to dated code and nobody left who knew it well enough to make it work. Combined with the fact that CO's inner workings lack certain things that allowed the Foundry to work with STO and NW, your chances of seeing a CO foundry are basically zero.
    (Hopefully) Useful CO Resources: HeroCreator (character planner), Cosmic Timers/Alert Checklist, Blood Moon Map, Anniversary Cat Map, and more (eventually, anyway).
  • magpieuk2014magpieuk2014 Posts: 1,254 Arc User
    The problem is that new instanced content tends to be ignored or grumbled about (STE, Q Zone), so anything new is likely to follow the pattern of Nightmare Invasion, with teamable low level missions and a big zone/OM boss fight to finish
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