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Endeavor for Champions

baelogventurebaelogventure Posts: 518 Arc User
edited May 2019 in Suggestions Box
How difficult would it be to implement the Endeavor system from Star Trek Online into Champions?

For those that don't know, the Endeavor system is an account-wide passive buff system. You earn Endeavor points (and a reward box) for completing 1 universal and up to 3 personal challenges.

The harder the challenge, the more points go toward earning an Endeavor token to spend on a random selection of 3 passive bonuses to increase slightly.

Also, Endeavors, being account-wide, can be completed by any character.

For example, an Endeavor system in Champions might look like...

Complete Destroids Rise Again

Easy - Defeat 10 VIPER soldiers
Medium - Deal 100,000 Crushing damage
Hard - Defeat 60 Manimals

With bonuses like

+Travel Power Speed
+Resistance Alpha (Fire, Crushing, Ego, Elec)
+Resistance Beta (Ice, Piercing, Darkness, Sonic)
+Resistance Delta (Poison, Slashing, Magic, Particle)
+Ranged Damage
+Melee Damage
+Max HP
+Max Energy
+Crit Chance
+Crit Severity
+CC and Knock Resist

I'm including some screenshots for references.




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