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Multifaria and Imaginal Realms

Does Multifaria (and other alternate dimensions, for that matter) have its own Imaginal Realms, or are they all linked?


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,091 Arc User
    Well, according to Book Of The Empress p. 99 (the latest and most extensive source about other dimensions in the Champions Multiverse), other sapient species on worlds in Champs Earth's universe, and in other universes in the multiverse, have their own Parterres, or Imaginal Realms, based on their own cultures and perspectives on Reality. Although the book doesn't specify the status of Parterres for universes containing alternate versions of Earth, because the Imaginal Realms mutate as human belief in them changes over time, and those alternate Earths have histories varying from very similar to Champs Earth to radically different, it would be logical for each to have its own Parterres reflecting those differences.

    As far as has been discovered, most "dimensions" in the Multiverse are unique. Only a few dimensions, such as the one containing Earth, have a large/infinite number of alternate versions. Istvatha V'han's scientists call these "keystone dimensions."

    What effect the mad temporal jumble of Multifarian Earth might have on its own Imaginal Realms isn't even hinted at officially. Meaning your guess is as good as anyone else's. ;)
  • That last sentence makes me want to make a Multifarian demon hero, sent to Earth to fight angels, only to discover that the angels over there are good and it's their own kind that are the evil ones there.
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,091 Arc User
    While you certainly could do that, I would suggest a different Earth as his/her origin. While in-game most of the characters you encounter on the Multifarian are in some way reversed from their counterparts on Champions Earth, officially that often isn't the case. Multifarian people can differ from their counterparts greatly, somewhat, or hardly at all. However, the CU does have a true "backworld," known as Left-Handed Earth. This passage from Book Of The Empress p. 133 summarizes the nature of this alternate Earth:

    LE Earth is just like Champions Universe Earth — but everything is the opposite of what it is on CU Earth. The average person is left-handed rather than right-handed. The same languages are used, but they’re spoken backwards. In a few cases, genders even change. The sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Evil, cruelty, treachery, and injustice are regarded as virtues (or at least, ordinary behavior), while Justice, hope, and charity are sinful. On LE Earth, things that are good on CU Earth become bad or dangerous; things that are already bad or dangerous on CU Earth may become beneficial... or just get worse.

    Most intriguing to CU Earth superheroes who have the misfortune to visit this unpleasant dimension is the fact that the moral roles of criminal and crimefighter are reversed. Heroes are villains the public lauds for their power and viciousness; villains are heroes fighting against the evil status quo.
    Given the moral inversion on LE, one would expect "demons" to embody those qualities we would consider virtues.

    I'm not sure the demonic powers of LE would be aware of alternate Earths, or have the motivation to deliberately send one of their kind to such a world to "fight angels" when they have enough of those to contend with in their own dimensions. While you can justify that if it's the background you want, my suggestion would be to have him/her cast into Champs Earth by accident or through "angelic" or "superheroic" magic. That sort of event has brought several beings from alternate universes to CE.
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