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Is Personal Force Field still a bad power?

svajdasvajda Posts: 49 Arc User
For longer than I can remember, its been an under performing power, that doesn't work well for tanking or in general really. I still don't really ever see anyone use it.
Can anyone explain to me if it is, or is not a viable power and why?


  • seresibylseresibyl Posts: 15 Arc User
    it's viable in alerts if youw anna block all day
  • qawsadaqawsada Posts: 599 Arc User
    In a Cosmic fight, Cosmic bosses will outright out damage the shield. The regenning effect from the shield would do nothing since these damage are constantly high damage. Passive like Defiance, Invulnerability, Lightning Reflexes, and even Regen outperform Personal Force Field when it comes to dealing with these constant high damage by offering a much better protection that doesn't involve a forcefield.
  • theglasskittentheglasskitten Posts: 175 Arc User
    As far as endgame use goes, it makes for a very good off tank passive if you build around it properly. An off tanks job is handling the lesser enemies in Teleios Ascendant, QWZ open missions, etc.

    There is a saying that PFF doesn’t protect you, but that you protect it. That is pretty much how it feels to use it
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